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    Macro help

    I use a near identical macro that i use for my druid everything works but the Shiftmodifer

    My druids macro is
    /cast [mod:shift] Rebirth;[nocombat] Revive; Innervate

    Im trying to get
    /cast [mod:shift] Leap of Faith;[nocombat] Resurrection; Shadowfiend

    It seems that Leap of Faith the only spell that will not work but its truly the only spell i want to use in it what do i need to change

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    It works for me. Make sure you don't have the shift key of what you put this macro on in use. Like I use Shift+e, if I put this on e it wont work.
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    I had this problem for a while. I couldn't use [mod:<w/e>] on my main spec, but could on my off-spec. It was the same macro too.

    I just deleted it, changed spec twice, and then re-made it and it worked again.

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    i fixed it stupid me had a hidden bar with shift v bound and no spell on it

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