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    Rapture..Not Yet Grasped The Concept!

    Howdy Guys,

    I have been levelling a Priest recently and have moved on to the Cata Dungeons last night. I've never had much problem along the way healing dungeons. Priest Healing is a ton of fun compared to Paladin Heals. I am having a blast. Every other time I get a tank that tries to push me to the limit I know I can keep up and still pull decent DPS with Atonement.

    However, I've been having a hard time with Rapture. I'm not sure I'm using it at the right time. I didn't really feel it was a problem during TBC and WTLK cause my Shields stayed up longer than the mobs for the most part.

    RAPTURE "When your Power Word: Shield is completely absorbed or dispelled you are instantly energized with 7% of your total mana. This effect can only occur once every 12 sec."

    So that is the tool tip. Now what I would like to know is, how should I go about it? Should I be throwing PW:S every 12 secs? or Can I throw up a few? And What exactly does absorbed refer to? Since they've lowered the duration of our PW:S from 30 secs to 15 secs its gotten even more confusing for me? I'm assuming it doesn't mean till the Shield wears off?

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    Rapture is meant (now) to help with the mana cost of shield, but it is trying to get priests to just use it on the tank and/or whoever is taking damage.

    Keep rapture up on the tank. You only get rapture to work when all the damage is taken, so there is no point to give it to the whole group. Say you put it on yourself, you take no damage, you just wasted the mana because you put the shield up and rapture didn't go off because you did not absorb the damage. Absorb is just their word for "taking the damage". You have a (a simple example) shield on tank that absorbs up to 10 damage. The druid takes a swing for for 12 damage, shield absorbs 10 damage, the druid actually takes 2 damage. Rapture goes off. You have a shield on mage that absorbs 10 damage. Mage got hit once by an add for 9 damage, tank gets add back, shield did not absorb 10 damage thus rapture does not go off.

    Weakened Soul, when talented with Strength of Soul, will be down to 12 seconds, so basically every time you CAN shield the tank do it, as he'll absorb that damage pretty quickly and get your rapture going.

    Rapture isn't very important until mana becomes an issue, which is generally at level 83 (mana rules is still in wotlk form until then), and then from level 83 until you start get about i350 gear level. If your not seeing rapture being useful leveling up, that means you haven't started healing dungeons at 83-85. PW:S is VERY mana expensive at 83, and thus if you keep using it without using it smart with rapture, then you'll be mana drained very fast.

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    I would suggest getting http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-a...asrapture.aspx to help with the timing of rapture. you gain the rapture when your shield is completely absorbed to so around 2-6~ seconds on raid bosses after you have cast. Anyway this add-on helps when telling you rapture will proc when the shield is broken . i tend to cats it at 1 second until rapture comes of Cd, i only miss out when freak hits happen, but at that point im glad the shield was there tbh :P. If i missed the point of your post... sorry. :P

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    I'll close this since the one in GD is open still.

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