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    gold from coren was nerfed today, down from 15-22 g a kill to 1 gold.... sucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by StaeleAilar View Post
    kind of going to be a deterrance to log on in some cases for people. i mean why bother logging on outside raid times and/or doing dungeons to buy gear you're probably going to replace when your tokens/gear drop in raid? This is of course from the point of view that you are in a raiding guild and are raiding actively. For the not so inclined it definitely sounds like a plus.

    I however am a raider >.>
    Not having to plow through the same 2 instances 6/7 times for no reason other than points would likely get me interested in doing a little more raiding again. I could NOT be bothered running em again and again just for point so felt I wasn't trying hard enough for gear, wasn't contributing so quit to do more pvp.

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    I`m the only one who like this randomness of loots?? Its nice to wait for a drop, to think "WILL BE ME THE LUCKY GUY THIS TIME???" Ps.: I`m not elitist, actually i`ve never had more than 2 pieces of the same tier, and i don`t think everyone should.

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    is it just more or are the loot from brewfest labeled wronge?

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    What has me concerned are guild groups getting into a random raid and kicking people at the end to bring someone in or needing on token drops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marathal View Post
    I love my guild, I enjoy playing with most of the people in it. Unfortunately there are those that need to be over geared to raid. Just the facts. They try their best, but the majority have been playing for maybe a year or two and have absolutely no idea what you are all talking about when you say it was so hard in BC, Vanilla was the best. Many of them have never set foot in Naxx or Ulduar, let alone ICC.

    They have full 359 Epic gear and have issues breaking 9k DPS, or have trouble with complex healing combinations to get the most output. They see themsleves taking lots of damage and gem/reforge Stamina for more health. They just don't know. Hardly any guilds have Class leaders anymore, its all L2P noobcakes, run heroic dungeons and trolls until you puke and buy gear, or guilds just give gear to them in the hopes that maybe having better gear will help them improve.

    If....and I know it is too far gone to go back...they did away with random dungeon and coming soon raid finder, what would we be doing. We would be looking for guilds with a lot of active players, maybe a pug here and there, but all of these hundreds of little 12 and 14 roster guilds, or even ones with close to 100 but its only 15 people with piles of Alt's would slowly disappear and we would see a return to the days when guild chat was more active than Trade, people would act more professionally because having a name and reputation meant you got to raid, or you were asked to help on dungeon runs. The game has become too impersonal and people are no longer accountable for how they act.
    The fact that you mention the redone Naxx or Uldaur shows how you, yourself have no experience with vanilla or any real content. Where it took 4-6 moths plus alone to prep for raiding, unless you had mad money. Back when guilds didn't have banks and rolled with bank alts and didn't bank roll other toons. Guild chat in the real guilds is more active then trade and always has been. Even if raiding isn't as big a deal as it used to be doesn't mean you have to bash guilds like yours that have no real potential. You have to question your skill for being in said guild.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arch0s View Post
    As a 10-man raider i'm bloody chuffed to hear that they're having a look at the token drop rate statistics.
    So far my guild has had 10 kills on Majordomo Staghelm - 8 of the token drops have been Vanquisher with 1 Protector and 1 Conqueror....bloody rediculous and I really hope it's a bit more balanced with the next tier.

    I appreciate Vanquisher needs to be slightly higher but not 8/10 chance. Here's hoping the fix with Tier13 will produce more varied token drops .
    RNG is RNG

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    I've always thought this was a better model for tier dropping... although that may be my biased pve-whore opinion.

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    FINALLY you actually have to RAID to get RAIDING tier! hallelujah!

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