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    I have been playing World of Warcraft for about 6 years now, During World of Warcraft, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade & most of World of Warcraft: Wrath Of The Lich King (Up to about ICC) PUG'ing was UNHEARD off, It never happened. It was simple, You didn't have a guild or time! You didn't raid!

    When Blizzard nerfed ICC it opened the floor gate of PUG'ing. Suddenly people who had never raided a day in there life become "experts" in raiding.

    The way raiding used to be is you got together with a bunch of people from the your guild on vent and spent hours going through a raid, Having a good time getting gear, talking & learning new encounters. Now when I look at trade chat it hurts my eyes "LFM FOR EPICSLY HARD RAIDSRSS!!!!!! LINK ACHIEVEMENST!!! OR NU INV FOR YOU LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!11" Then if someone makes a mistake in the PUG raid they get flamed like they have just killed a puppy! "WUT TEH HELL NUB LERN2PLY YOUR FKCIKING CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!1LOOT BAN LOLOLO"

    If anyone ever spoke like that in my guild to any other player they would get kicked out the guild so fast. Raiding is suppose to be a fun way to spend your time but people who have only ever raided in PUG's are not experiencing that. There experiencing these absolute arse-hole "Elitists" who wouldn't survive one raid in a guild.

    Now I admit it, I have PUGGED raids before, Once or twice. The way players act yelling, name calling, ninja'ing items. It would make anybody who wants to raid think again.

    Why have Blizzard suddenly become so obsessed with "EVERYONE" seeing there content. Yes people are seeing your content, But are they enjoying it? Most likely no because they have been group with the people who every other guild avoids.

    Your thoughts?
    This is absurd. For the better part of the 6.5 years I've been on WOW, I was a member and, at one point an officer, of a raiding guild that formed itself from the core of an organized MC Pug/Alt run in Vanilla. If you think pugging raids didn't exist prior to ICC, you've been living under a rock. In Vanilla and TBC, it wasn't as public as it is now because the tools weren't available in game and, as a consequence, the groups were better able to organize stable groups through social connections, guild alliances, and old-fashioned vouching for players who good impressions from prior experiences.

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    There always has been PUG raids.

    There were 40 man pug MC's back in Vanilla. They had nice web signup sheets and everything. Basically first come, first serve with probably a core of 20 regulars. Most people don't have 10-20 RL friends to raid with so they go with strangers.

    Blizzard is simply making it easier to play with strangers, and what you are seeing is the social bonds of WoW are breaking down because they are not as strong as people thought. People won't admit that the only reason they put up with some people is because they are there to give them something, mainly loot. When that group is no longer necessary, all the people that were simply there for loot move on to other pastures. The problem is so many people are moving on to random grazing that they are losing the little social bonds that did exist.

    The social bonds are not the basis of why people are playing together anymore, its for loot. Before you were forced to develop those social bonds because if something were to happen where they get broken then more often than not you were setback months of time. Now you can jump in trade and probably get a PUG faster than an organized group.
    This sums it up perfectly. Simply put, Blizzard's implementations of cross-server dungeons/raids, LFD, and now LFR, has increasingly facilitated the process of finding groups to raid with. However, the consequences of these facilities is that they have completely eroded the social aspects that add to the fun factor of an MMORPG.

    No longer do you have a good population of players making a conscious effort to mentor and publicly exchange knowledge to improve their peers' class/role performances, but you have people parroting information found on sites such as Elitist Jerks or Arena Junkies and dismissively pointing new players there. No longer do you have players organizing PUGs via signup sheets, word-of-mouth, and inter-guild activity, but you have tools like LFD and LFR pooling a massive amount of uneducated, unprepared players with delusions of entitlement and elitism together where selfishness and impatience compound the the already high chances for failure.

    Blizzard has trended this game towards being more "casual friendly," but how "casual friendly" is it really when Blizzard's good intentions of facilitating content and reward access have backfired and given way to an increasingly toxic social atmosphere?
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    If you equate playing WoW to having electricity, I feel very, very happy for the rest of the world, as that kind of thinking will, inevitably, lead to the eradication of your seed from the gene pool.
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    This almost feels like a troll, but I'll bite. The gaming experience you have is not necessarily the gaming experience of everyone else. Your server alone is not indicative of every other server. Unfortunately (for you) Blizzard is going to do things you don't agree with sometimes, what you have to do is ask yourself is it enough to quit over?

    Pugging has existed in MMOs for a long time, and it's not going to go anywhere in the foreseeable future. Sorry, but that's how it is. I can remember the days of pugging Nagafen in EverQuest a decade ago. And now, I take an alt and pug Firelands. Ultimately, I think it comes down to finding what works for you (not what you think should work for everybody else). For me, I raid with my guild and I enjoy it. And I either do an alt raid with my guild, or pug with said alt. The quality of life changes Blizzard is implementing are frankly welcome.
    Dude, even if this were not a serious post, it has NOTHING to do with trolling. Stop abusing this goddamn expression on things which are harmless, it's so fing annoying.

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    Blizz noticed real life, and people like me that refuse to have to lock down a certain time 2-3 days a week for maybe 2-3 hours.

    Three kinds of people in this world
    1. Those who make things happen
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    3. Those who sit and wonder what happened

    Which one are you?

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