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    -Knock knock -Who's there ? -FU BLIZZ

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    so now 6/7 heroics will be a faceroll joke... only Rag will still be very difficult to kill on hc.

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    Problem, I see none - go with the times people.
    "When I die I want the shaman class developers to lower me into my grave so they can let me down one last time."

    Shamans in WoW - "We're the dumb blonde at the workplace. We look great, but people question what we're actually doing."

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    I approve. My meh raid group can finally do more hardmodes! If only my work schedule let me off earlier, then I could be in a hardcore group

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    Everyone is so upset about these nerfs and i can agree to some degree. Its nice to have nerfed regular modes for players who haven't been able to do the entire broad range of the content, this is true. But hardmodes? I mean hardmodes are selective and its supposed to be a super challenge to get them done and a matter of pride. My 10m guild is 2/7 heroic right now and i can honestly say that its kinda lame that we had six billion years to farm heroic content in T11, but hardly any time to progress through these heroics. Whatever, that means newer content is going to "supposedly" come sooner but for our group it just means less challenge (ie less fun in HMs) and more "farm" on bosses that should be giving us trouble while we wait for more content.I really dont care all that much and I can see what Blizzard means to do-- they cant keep everyone happy :-(

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    Knocks up? Players will now become pregnant due to the nerf.

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    Quote Originally Posted by balgus82 View Post
    why are people surprised saying 15% nerfs are huge when we had 20% nerfs in tier 11?
    Only normals were nerfed in T11.

    Our guild was 4/7 H prenerf. and that was pretty impressive for the server we are on.

    These nerfs are unneccessary. And with Looking for raid aka "ROFLSTOMP YAY EPICZ" mode, it will EASIER than normal modes WITH the 20% nerfs.

    This is WAY more than being spoonfed.

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    Yeah what the hell, I thought they said gradual?
    They forgot to write that's 15% each week...... /sacrasm

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    I don't have a problem with them nerfing old content and this is now old content really. The race for first was over long time ago.

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    We will see when 4.3 comes out but the only issue most hardcore raiders would have is this makes even most of the hard modes lolerpwn easy. Thus guilds that normally would have struggled to get 2-5 HM before 4.3 will now have 2-5 HM down within the next few weeks.

    This gives them a much higher gear advantage for 4.3 (including more legendaries). Thus what is a "normal mode" guild that normally would only be able to polish off a few heroics will now have an item level high enough to out gear 4.3 normal mode content. This will make more guilds "hard mode" guilds in 4.3.

    This will cause another problem for blizzard, these people that think they are pro in FL with getting some higher progression and gear will expect the same out of 4.3. They will not spend a lot of time in normal mode content and will bang their heads against the wall trying to just get 1-2 HM in 4.3. Stale progression is never a good thing for guilds either. Blizz has 2 options then
    1. Make 4.3 tuned to be harder in normal modes, compensating for all of this
    2. Put out an expansion 3-5 months after 4.3 release.

    I really hope 4.3 is a lot harder. With the exception of H.Rag and maybe Baleroc(25) or Bethy (10) this expansion has been relatively easy. I will reiterate that I am in favor of nerfs and I think nearly everyone who plays should be able to see the raiding content at some point, even if that is a tier or 2 behind but I am not in favor of casual guilds having access to the same gear that the hardcores work very hard for. EZ mode raiding in 4.3 will have an even lesser effect if people already have a mix of H. FL gear.
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    Same people upset over the same nerfs, expansion after expansion after expansion. Can you guys get your crying out now for when the Deathwing raid gets nerfed, it will save you a lot of time in the long run

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    I can't imagine next weeks nerf.

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    DAT NERF BAT, it be swingin'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schizoide View Post
    Nigel, if your guild raids only 6 hours per week and is 6/7 heroic, you obviously have a stable balanced roster of talented players. This is Cataclysm, so most of us have to deal with huge turnover every single week as people quit the game.
    This doesnt mean his guild is casual, Casual != Bad, but blizzard apparently thinks otherwise

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    Will probably kill Ragnaors now, yay!

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    Wow 25% seems a little too much. But i welcome those changes

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    Eh, Firelands was already too easy, it´s the new easy-as-hell mode that blizzard was going to introduce under the name of Looking for Raid?

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    The Patient
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    As a 6/7 HC boomie I think this is too harsh. We are just gonna go 7/7 each week from now on until december?

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    so basicly will be in 4.3 they will probably tune the fights around you having 384 item level

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    don't ask why just do it

    Quote Originally Posted by LyKt$oLp£ View Post
    Why Blizzard? Why!?

    Also... First!
    there doing this because they haven't seen enough people do the fireland raid concent that why they have put the hotfixes so now every1 will be able to do easymode in heroic

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