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    I foresee 2 boring months for me.... I hope 4.3 will be real challenging, because this is really sad.

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    Why blizzard..

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    Quote Originally Posted by markdall View Post
    My guild would be farther but we raid 6 hours a week and have something like 13-14 people for 10 spots, so the rotation causes many fights to be 'new' in terms of player syngergy. Add to that the heroic modes of the fights are (so far as I've experienced) pretty different from normal mode - not just harder, but different like it's almost a whole new fight to learn - and there you go. I'm not sorry they nerfed this.
    This is just like america business, YOU run a shitty and horrible managed guild and raid leading to massive FAIL so blizzard gives you a BAILOUT for being fail. The best part is that after all these nerfs you are still fail and always be with the way you are running your raids. 6 hours a week is more than enough considering normal mode takes just over 2 hours to clear.

    No matter the nerfs bad will always be bad, ICC with 30% buff proved that. Once the lol Icc raids were over, bads and casuals were right back to failing again once they didnt have a 30% buff to carry them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Notarget View Post
    I don't have a problem with them nerfing old content and this is now old content really. The race for first was over long time ago.
    Literally, their problem, not our. We're playing here, not racing for world 1sts. Paragon shouldn't dictates how long you can play a game.

    the "I approve" community here is formed of players who just want their rewards since they've paid for it (while others play for free I guess), "screw the game as long as I can get my stuff" and I find really weird that this same "I approve" ppl say it's ok for top guilds dictates their gameplay when they should go crazy screamming "screw you paragon!!"

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    I can understand a 15% nerf on normal modes so casuals can start clearing it but why did they touch heroics? They are meant to be difficult. Sad day for veteran Warcraft players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waniyetu View Post
    Yeah Blizz, what the heck ! Nerf content by 5 % next time and poeple won't whine ! Nor feel a freaking difference... Also, i would like to meet some of those "lol, i beat that fight 2 days after it came live, this nerfs are for nabs !" people and punch them in the face...
    I would love to meet you too. You want to punch someone in the face for having a brain and a heartbeat? I am sorry that pushing 3-4 buttons and staying out of fire is too hard for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spike` View Post
    so basicly will be in 4.3 they will probably tune the fights around you having 384 item level
    Hahaha right... all of sudden another team of devs took place?

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    This is like some kind of bad joke really..

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    again pve crap..........fucking shit game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erto View Post
    I wasn't expecting the nerfs to be this huge...
    Totally what was expected. They said they wanted everyone to be able to see the content, which implies downing H. Rag before x-mas when 4.3 comes out. It is not like they were going do a 2% health nerf on normal and 1% nerf in heroic.

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    I welcome the nerfs, means we spend less time on the first 6 heroic bosses and more time on heroic rag

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dasaq View Post
    I can understand a 15% nerf on normal modes so casuals can start clearing it but why did they touch heroics? They are meant to be difficult. Sad day for veteran Warcraft players.
    That is about too, the wrath babies that got all their loot handed to them with a lol 30% buff thinking they are good raiders then new content comes out and cries of difficulty in 5-man heroics and new raids being too hard start right away because they dont have a 30% buff carrying them.

    Baddies/casuals basically ruin the game for people that can push buttons and stay out of fire, i know it is hard but we push the buttons real hard.

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    I'm all for the progressive nerfing of content if deemed needed, however I just cannot understand why hardmodes should be nerfed as well? Blizzards philosophy is to let as many as possible see every raid before the next is introduced, but then why isn't the nerfs to normal mode sufficient...? Oh well, I don't really care.

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    let the rage course through your veins, and out your fingers... yessssssss let it flooooowwwwwwwwww

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    They did announce nerfs, but... damn, that smarts. It's like one of those things at the end of the expansion. On the other hand, it's been three months, so chances are if most guilds haven't downed the bosses they wanted by now, an extra month or two wouldn't have changed things too much...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captaincrab View Post
    HP was nerfed 2 weeks ago? So technically they already did. At least they have the decent common sense to nerf everything and not just push Normal modes into oblivion leaving Heroics unscathed.

    By nerfing everything, everyone who isn't done can push forward to something new, by nerfing just normal, a handful of guild stuck on something on normal get to push forward, everyone else is just still bored.
    Thank you captain obvious... guess saying "untouched" wasn't a good enough clue to you that I alread counted with the rag HP nerf...

    And where was said that heroic modes where for everyone and to be pushed trough? Sorry. They only need to nerf things because they nerfed the things before it. You learn to play the game, you don't need nerfs anymore. If this isn't true, all players in the world would be 0/7 normal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crofford View Post
    I also don't think they should have touched heroics. I don't understand why they did that.

    I understand normal mode nerfs. They want to make sure everyone who pays the subscription fee gets to kill the bosses. I disagree with the premise but I understand the thought process.

    There is really no reason to nerf heroics though. I was looking forward to slowly progressing through the rest of that content. These 15-25 percent nerfs will shorten the time it takes to finish everything up considerably. I really just hope Im not sitting on my hands for 3 months waiting for 4.3.
    I've thought a lot about heroics. We've had Rag down for over a month now, but due to real life issues of our core raid group have been filling a lot of raid spots with people who have never been to FL in the first place. Because of this we have not had a chance to start heroics yet. I was looking forward to doing them as is, but I'm ok with the changes and here is why. There are a lot of guilds who are good enough to get to 6/7 or 7/7 normal and find a lot of those fights easy enough, but aren't really good enough to be working on heroics as they stand. By nerfing most of the encounters by 25%, basically regular mode fights will become faceroll easy, so what do the guilds at the middle of the bell curve do til 4.3 then? If heroics aren't nerfed, they are still too difficult for these players, but now the regulars are so easy as to not even be fun anymore. This opens up new raiding content to a lot of guilds and will keep people playing until 4.3 is available. I know it lessens the achievement of killing these bosses for a few, but the reality is that if your guild were good enough (whether that be through attendance and commitment or skill) you'd be 6/7 heroic by now. My guild has the skill to have worked on hard modes as they were, but not the commitment to raiding to make it happen, so I'll be happy to do them 15% easier, which should allow us to get in there and keep having fun as opposed to clearing 7/7 in 2 1/2 hours every week with nothing else to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haakkon View Post
    Holy nerfstick batman!
    Holy nerfbat, man.


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    I'm mostly angry that a main tank couldn't be online last night to get Rag normal prenerf, and that a healer had such connection issues we had to call it early anyway because he has to play with his cell phone or something else ridiculous. WTB consistent raiders so we can actually achieve what we should be rather than looking like idiots(16% on Rag = 6% away from heroics = irritatingly close). Also blizzard, really? first day 25% nerf to all bosses? We're already clearing 6/7 on tuesday nights.
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    Quote Originally Posted by armone View Post
    Wrath of Ragnaros now knocks targets up, but not back, on normal difficulty. wtf
    This mechanic is for people that are popping magma traps (not warlocks with teleport) and are in midair when they get hit by Wrath of Ragnaros and redirected into the lava with never a hope to return. It's a shitty RNG targeting mechanic that I've experienced multiple times while I was falling back down. This will now just knock you up further instead of into the lava on the edges of the platform if you get hit in midair.

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