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    Quote Originally Posted by Blada View Post
    I welcome the nerfs, means we spend less time on the first 6 heroic bosses and more time on heroic rag
    If you're working on heroic rag everyweek, you're not supposed to be wasting time on the first 6 bosses... they should be farm to you.

    Wich means "I welcome the nerfs, means we spend less time wiping on the first 6 heroics bosses and in the future work on heroic rag."

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    Slower tornados... That just makes it harder, no more running in circles :P

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    Holy shit these nerfs are brutally insane. I guess we're clearing up to HM Rag this week on our first day then >.< No more sub 10% wipes on Rhyo, Beth, Bale, or Domo. They'll all just flop over and hand us our well deserved 391s.

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    Unbelievable - the normal mode nerfs are almost on a par with that they did to the TBC bosses when 3.0 hit - i.e making almost all of them utterly faceroll. Except that was at the end of the expansion / a month or two before the release of Wrath to let people see everything, not just before the final tier like this.

    They get more stupid every day

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    Quote Originally Posted by VanishO2 View Post
    Thank you captain obvious... guess saying "untouched" wasn't a good enough clue to you that I alread counted with the rag HP nerf...

    And where was said that heroic modes where for everyone and to be pushed trough? Sorry. They only need to nerf things because they nerfed the things before it. You learn to play the game, you don't need nerfs anymore. If this isn't true, all players in the world would be 0/7 normal.
    Why learn to play a game that the baddies will cry and whine about and will be eventually nerfed? It is pathetic of Blizzard to ruin the game over people with very low IQ's and lack the ability to hit a few buttons and move out of fire. The baddies already get all the good parking spots now they want to come to WOW and ruin the game for everyone with a brain and heartbeat.

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    Can't wait to solo HC content next week

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    Quote Originally Posted by bensmith91 View Post
    GAH! SO MAD I'M SO ELITE AND NOW THIS STUFF IS EASY MY CHALLENGE IN LIFE IS GONE BECAUSE WARCRAFT IS THE ONLY ACCOMPLISHMENT IN MY LIFE!Oh, wait, no I'm in a guild that has had personnel problems, which has kept us from getting synergy and downing content. Now I'll be able to. Sounds good to me. Rage more, haters.
    Ya thats it its Synergy, Oh wait im not slow and mental im just LAGGING, the infamous baddie quotes of wow. I hear normal content is hard and you need years of synergy ROFL, try again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterHamster View Post
    I'm all for the progressive nerfing of content if deemed needed, however I just cannot understand why hardmodes should be nerfed as well? Blizzards philosophy is to let as many as possible see every raid before the next is introduced, but then why isn't the nerfs to normal mode sufficient...? Oh well, I don't really care.
    Because as long as this game becom just a gear farm festival, item level means content. So when a player demands to see the content in firelands, they demand leaving the place with their bags full of 378 on the 1st week and next week 391 when heroic opens. It's like bothering with how many candies you'll be able to eat while watching a movie on theater, "to the hell with the movie, meh wantz candies".

    So, even if shannox and shannox heroic are exactly the same boss character (wich means 0 content in heroic), Blizzard now consider that they delivered to you new 2 bosses, 2 new content. So Firelands = 14 bosses... T11 was a awesome amount of 25 bosses! The most content ever made!!! Success.

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    I'm actually happy with this. Can't really raid with my guild because my strange working times so now I'm probably able to do atleast 6/7 with good pug. /cheers
    Quitting WoW is very similar to quitting smoking.

    Easier then most people think, the hard part is not coming back a few weeks later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by subanark View Post
    thanks for the troll. No one horde side on my server (the scryers) managed to kill rags on normal before the nerf. Alliance didn't fare much better either with 1 guild being able to get heroic shannox just before the nerf.
    neeerrrd raaaaaggggeee!!!!

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    Hey guys, I got a fever, and the only more nerd rage.

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    Actually yeah, why the **** are they nerfing T12 hardmodes? If they want people to see content, surely that's what looking for raid and normal modes are for? They didn't butcher T11 hard modes like this when T12 came out - they just nerfed normal modes.

    God they're idiots

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naix View Post
    neeerrrd raaaaaggggeee!!!!
    Let's see Nerd rage or baddie retard crying, Hmm what a choice.

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    Have the adds on beth been touched at all, before the thread was updated it said they were but now it doesn't say anything about it.
    Ain't no chuch when you're living in the wild

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    I am gonna have the same epics as you now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naix View Post

    I am gonna have the same epics as you now.
    Actually no,no you won't. Your fail ass still wont be downing heroics because you and your downy raid will still be bad. DONT YOU GET IT? You are still bad lol. The nerfs dont make you good rofl.

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    Herp Derp mode activated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nigeldruid View Post
    15%??! It wasn't even hard to begin with, me in my 6 hours a week super casual 10man friends guild have cleared 6/7 heroic, so I can't really say I feel that a nerf that massive was needed. Some T11 heroics are going to be harder than T12 heroics now...
    I'm sorry to say this but 10 man HM is a JOKE

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    well considering that i am on a very low pop server where you cant exactly just reach out get better players in if someone leaves or suck terribly i welcome the nerfs even though i probably wont see heroic ragnaros either way.

    i know people are gonna call me bad but my im busy picking my nose to even bother with your hate.
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    Massive nerfs

    Shannox will now Feign Dead on pull, so you can just loot your epics.

    Rhyolith is nerfed so bad instead of walking, he will now be moving around in a Wheel Chair.

    Baleroc is no longer immune to Disarm effects.

    Majordomo now have a new animal phase called Squirrel.
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