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    Quote Originally Posted by isadorr View Post
    Actually no,no you won't. Your fail ass still wont be downing heroics because you and your downy raid will still be bad. DONT YOU GET IT? You are still bad lol. The nerfs dont make you good rofl.
    How do you know he is a fail? For all we know you are a fail player getting carried by an excellent guild. He never said he would be as good as you...
    Way to make yourself look special.

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    sorry oppie, the time argument really doesn't count in a 7-boss raid. either you are good enough or not, but instead everything is now pretty much free loot distribution. i hope this isn't the death of progress raiding we're witnessing. Nerfing bosses after top end players killed them and nerfing them to shits is really a killer for any reasonable progression feeling. again in 4.3 and i quit. for good.

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    Wow, that is a LOT of nerfs o_O I thought they said they wouldn't nerf heroics?

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    Oh my, there goes all my fun

    But I guess I will finally see heroic ragna in the next week now, I hope he´s still hard enough to be a real challenge

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    25% hp damage nerf and 15% damage nerfs on normal and heroic respectively. Might be a good thing, easier epics. Don't have the time these days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oppie View Post
    I can understand and appreciate those that want to do it on the current pre-nerf difficulty i wasn't directing the comment to them. It was directed towards those that feel giving others, who don't have the time to invest as they had, a chance and feel that if everyone can't do what they did then they are tagged as being bad players. It would be nice to have it been more of a scaling down factor than an all out nerf as they did but it wasn't, its just something they have to learn to deal with and know what they did and worry only about that not what others are able to do now.
    If this is where they wanted to end up, they should have started at Shannox and moved their way through the instance over time with nerfs.
    A 1 week warning before nerfing the entire tier of content is BS.

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    I don't like the idea of keeping content hard for the top 1% and then nerfing it to hell right after. It leads to people who do the original version think that it's going to be hard and/or fun, and then taking it all away.

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    Ok this is the hardest nerf ever. But ye, hope we get raggy hc down now

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    They should have made wow with Easy > Normal > Hard servers. making you unable to swap to a higher difficulty server. That was it would be fair for everyone. Personally having cleared 7/7 normal and only raiding 6hs a week I am happy. Now i can raid on alts aswell so this makes me even more happy Thanks blizzard!

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    Gief Diablo 3 beta key! I will the greatest pleasure take advantage of one of you guys dearest accounts, if I can lend it to play Diablo 3.No scam, promise!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BondGirl View Post
    Ok this is the hardest nerf ever. But ye, hope we get raggy hc down now
    30% buff in ICC gave more. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by isadorr View Post
    Actually no,no you won't. Your fail ass still wont be downing heroics because you and your downy raid will still be bad. DONT YOU GET IT? You are still bad lol. The nerfs dont make you good rofl.
    Were you born arrogant arse or did you practice? But then again you are so pro you cleared SWP before Black Temple.Also,
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    Quote Originally Posted by isadorr View Post
    This is just like america business, YOU run a shitty and horrible managed guild and raid leading to massive FAIL so blizzard gives you a BAILOUT for being fail. The best part is that after all these nerfs you are still fail and always be with the way you are running your raids. 6 hours a week is more than enough considering normal mode takes just over 2 hours to clear.

    No matter the nerfs bad will always be bad, ICC with 30% buff proved that. Once the lol Icc raids were over, bads and casuals were right back to failing again once they didnt have a 30% buff to carry them.

    In that case everyone is bad unless you killed pre nerf rag

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    having 2 raids a week, 3hours monday and wednesday, 2hc on farm, i approve these changes. could probably get more hcs down as it is. but as it is, its close to impossible to have any better progess and at the same time not waste your life away. I love gaming and i love to experience more of the heroics, but i can not put any more time into raiding, its just not going to happen. also, lots of love to all these people going hurr hurr horrible nerf, nerfed it waaay to much omg all the noobs will just swim in heroic epics. Im sorry for your brain, it had a horrible life..

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    As someone who raids in a group that has attendance issues so we can't always field the same group, and people of varying skill, I welcome the changes. We've been stuck on Baleroc of all bosses because we have people that will mess up the shards, or healers who can't eke out that extra heal in .5s or whatever to keep me alive for a Decimation Blade. We should have been cleared by now, or at least working on Rag normal, but almost never having the same raid comp makes that fairly difficult. These nerfs should help us jump those final few hurdles we need.

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    Come on, Blizz. I'm frankly disappointed in these nerfs. Why? Firelands, in comparison to previous content, was generally a walk in the park. I compare it to the ToC of Cataclysm. You had guilds that went 7/7 on release day. Sure, they've released information on T13... but we're not getting it tomorrow. It hasn't even been released on the ptr. So why the need for a nerf so big--right here, right now? There is none. Small 'unprogressed' guilds easily walked through FL. There isn't a real need for the nerfs. Sure, nerf regulars a bit and tweak them. But coming from my perspective, WHY heroics? I am not someone who has gone 7/7h (6/7h, respectively). My group raided very little through this tier (6-9 hours a week). We aren't a fantastic group of raiders--just determined. Most heroic bosses took us one night (except for lovely LR, that's a different story). We didn't struggle like we did in t11... We only made it 10/13H before FL hit... this tier, we've made huge headway and we don't even have the ptr release... My point is: This content isn't hard. More so than anything, this content just requires people who can CONCENTRATE. A nerf won't fix concentration. But, the nerf, regardless, wasn't needed. It's too early and unnecessary. I hear far less people QQ'ing about the difficultly of this content than they did during T11 or heck even T10.... Oh wait... I guess that's because everyone's getting tired of Blizz and quitting the game. Wtg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wodan View Post
    I'm mostly angry that a main tank couldn't be online last night to get Rag normal prenerf, and that a healer had such connection issues we had to call it early anyway because he has to play with his cell phone or something else ridiculous. WTB consistent raiders so we can actually achieve what we should be rather than looking like idiots(16% on Rag = 6% away from heroics = irritatingly close). Also blizzard, really? first day 25% nerf to all bosses? We're already clearing 6/7 on tuesday nights.
    We had a 0.8% (10.8%) wipe last night

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    Wow.. just wow. We made it to Rag HC before the first nerf but because we are pretty horrible we had only seen phase 4 a couple of times with 2 meteors. After the first nerf we got him to 16% in 1-2 nights and it already felt pretty underwhelming. But this.. I can tell you there won't be any excitement or nerd screams when he goes down now.

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    Lol all the bosses got kicked in the gut. I don't think they should have nerfed heroic all well.

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    you didnt 2 heal everything before ?

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