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    Greedy Grelsha wants more Beta!! So far I've had SC:II and Cata! D3 would be awesome but I know just how lucky I've been! Best of luck to everyone! At least BF3 Closed/Open Beta / Live is coming soon! Woop!
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    I haven't gotten a beta key. I'm probably not gonna get a beta key. I've never gotten a beta key. It's not like I've been playing their games since 1995 or anything.


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    Hmmm.... Blizz Why I Don't Got Beta Yet ):

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    How long does it usually take to get a response from Blizz on whether or not we get to have a key after "applying" ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coombs View Post
    Anyone else cancel their accounts now that they didn't get in?
    Lol this was my first thought too. I haven't even played WoW in 2-3 months. Just hoping that maybe that would have helped me get a D3 key. Anyone without a WoW subscription get in?

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    misleading post.
    check the real diablo news site if you want news on D3 beta.

    it is POSSIBLE that you got a key if you opted in, but don't cancel your accounts if u didnt
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    Screw you blizzard

    Swear to god, never gotten in any of the beta's you've ever done. I've thrown a couple thousand at you with several games and you cant give me a simple beta invite...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coombs View Post
    Anyone else cancel their accounts now that they didn't get in?
    I did, I was planning to anyways, but I left a little note in the "other reason" box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkenaw View Post
    Oh get over yourself, what fraction of a percent of people do you really think submits feedback
    The people that don't obviously shouldn't get an invitation if it wasn't random to a degree.
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    at least I get into A beta the 29th :P BF3...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkenaw View Post
    Closed betas are so stupid, just make it open. Oh wait, but if you do that then people will decide they don't like the game and not buy it. Gotta love greed.
    This is easily the most stupid thing i've read in a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coombs View Post
    Make money by deceiving customers with smoke and mirror trailers? There are so many games that release demos before hand I play them and then realize how much garbage the game is. But the trailers they made before and the demos that play at games conventions look breathtaking. Games don't do open betas or demos too often because it deters customers.
    Where are these "smoke and mirror trailers" ? Of course the trailer is going to look better than the game, it's a TRAILER, it's meant to attract people.
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    No beta for me, bliazzard we had a deal, I did not want a cata beta, so I asked you to give me a d3 one...but I don't get that either. Blizz atleast gimme the next wow beta, then ill be happy.

    And while I did not get invited to d3, google did invite me to the music beta, atleast someone loves me:{
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    do you need an active WoW account (or other blizz game) to get a beta invite or do you need to have a subscription?

    i dont have an active subscription but i do have 3 months of game time left from using game cards and/or RaF. would game cards/RaF lower my chances of getting an invite?

    im asking because i had a little rage on vent because i didnt get beta and guild members said i need an active subscription rather than actual game time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by salate View Post
    same here
    i wanna cry when newcommers in cata get invites :<

    never seen betaa!
    gief gief!
    I just want to say that I revived my account just to say that you are truly and utterly pathetic and
    all your potential sexual partners (just pretending you have any) past, present and future agree with me.

    You .. are .. worthless.

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    I think the most important thing to remember here is that with the Beta testing beginning, we are likely within months of the actual release

    I've been waiting about 7 years since I got over D2:LOD so a few more months or so(hopefully>_<) isn't gonna hurt much
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    WTB beta! Having dropped WoW for a while now, and having gone of MMO's a little at the moment (Ironic, considering where I'm posting, no?), I'm really looking forward to D3, as something a little more lightweight.

    As such, I want to be playing it before everyone else so I can laugh in their faces.

    and bug report and stuff... Yeah...

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    No beta for me :*(

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    I thought it was too good to be true that it started open beta on my birthday....It was no invite. Still...its only been my BDay for 90 minutes or so lol ya never know
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkenaw View Post
    Oh get over yourself, what fraction of a percent of people do you really think submits feedback
    Every single person. That's the beauty of being able to track the stats. They can see who is playing, for how long per session, they can log errors on the server. Stats on how far the average person is currently able to progress is tracked, so if a show-stopper was causing, say, Witch Doctors who couldn't get past a certain part if they specced a certain way because of a gameplay issue or bug (say, if you have this skill the next area won't be created at level spawn), it would be trackable, even if the player never speaks up. Even aside from that, when something is wrong, many people WILL let you know. People will whine about anything, so if there is notable lag issues or widely known abusable bugs, people will speak up.

    On the flip side, there are very realistic reasons to create small betas instead of open betas for these issues. For example, Blizzard will likely need a good setup of new servers to host Diablo 3, and probably now is only testing on one server in their compound. As they retrieve and setup the additional servers for use, they will be able to expand further and further, letting more people in. Since the game is likely a fairly lengthy stretch from completion, it's fair to assume they don't yet have the installed server capacity for everybody who wants to play to just play as they wish. It's easy to assume that more invites will go out as their installed server base increases, and as more bugs are squashed.

    While it IS true that letting only the people who REALLY want in does continue to build hype and is a viable marketing technique (and one you and I both know Blizzard is going to utilize every chance they get), it's silly to think that they are ready for an open beta without knowing any further details on their server and coding preparations for such a rollout.

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