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    The Diablo III Beta Is Now Live

    The Diablo III Beta Is Now Live
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    The fiery gates leading to the Burning Hells have begun to swing open, and the Diablo III beta test is officially underway. Invitations to participate in the beta test are now being delivered to the chosen heroes. As with beta tests for other Blizzard Entertainment games, the testing process for Diablo III will occur in phases. In addition to selecting players who have opted in via their accounts, we’ll also be providing keys through beta promotions and giveaways -- stay tuned for more info. We welcome those invited to provide feedback or report bugs on the official forums.

    If you have a beta license, you are free to show, share, or talk about any portion of the beta content to which you have access, as this beta test is not confidential.

    We’d like to remind those looking forward to an invite to be wary of phishing attempts. If you believe you’ve received an invite to the Diablo III beta test, it’s best to refrain from clicking on any links in the email, and instead log in to your account to see if a Diablo III beta game account was granted. Or, if you were sent a key, attempt to add it manually by going to the Add or Upgrade a Game section of the account management page.

    For those who have received an invite to the beta test, we thank you for helping us test out our server stability and hardware. For those of you still hoping for an invite, we wish you the best of luck and hope you’ll keep an eye out for some of the beta-key giveaways and promotions we’ll have right here on the Diablo III community site.

    For more information, please see the beta opt-in announcement and FAQ.
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    Holy cow!!! See my avatar.

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    I'm excited! I won't get in more than likely, but still. Hopefully somebody I know does get in so I can go to their house and play it at least. =)
    I've never been lucky with Betas though. So I'm not getting my hopes up! Hopefully this will mean that it releases soon though.

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    Congrats to whoever got in! I am so jeli...I need some toast.

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    Win! Anyone get an invite yet?

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    This must be false, because I don't have an invite yet

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    Beta invite?

    Of course not.

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    Me want key naow!

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    I didn't get in so far this wave of invites, but I'm still hopeful. :3

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    There's your WoW-killer. *runs off to check account*

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    I am assuming they'll roll out US keys first, then EU ones later on?

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    Never gotten a beta invite for any game from Blizzard So I will not get my hopes up that I will get one this time. Blizzard hates me

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    Closed betas are so stupid, just make it open. Oh wait, but if you do that then people will decide they don't like the game and not buy it. Gotta love greed.

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    same here
    i wanna cry when newcommers in cata get invites :<

    never seen betaa!
    gief gief!
    step into everything will gief ya nothing, mon

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    That's so awesome!! I'm so excited and hope that I get an invite sometime

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    Just US for now ?

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    Joy, now we can spend more time lamenting over the fact we didn't get into beta still some kind soul take pity on me, still two weeks before uni starts and im broke and bored

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    I've been in the beta since F&F invites went out. It's fun. Hope new beta peeps enjoy now that they fixed most of the heinous bugs that were going on, lol.

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    WOHOOO finally man! i was looking for this for so long.. i wonder if ANYONE else did ;PPP

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    Any known info about this being only US yet or world-wide? Cause the last times it was first US then EU, I really hope so, that would be a nice reason why I don't have an invite yet :>

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