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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkenaw View Post
    Oh get over yourself, what fraction of a percent of people do you really think submits feedback
    Those who don't are dicks and are the people responsible for buggy games... I hope blizzard watches those who don't give feedback, and make sure to never invite to another beta again.

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    Brace Yourselves.

    The NO BETA signatures are coming.

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    Would be awsome to get a key!
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    That is my giddy school girl elated response. I hope I got in. If not, I'm still excited.
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    *Prays for a beta key*

    GL to those who get into the beta

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    Man I hate it when my account isn't active when a beta starts... fock!
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    I've gotten all the beta's except cata... Maybe this will be a string of bad luck with d3 D:

    horray for swtor beta soon!
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    its like US only, seeing the post is only on the US battlenet site of diablo 3 and not on the EU one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkenaw View Post
    Closed betas are so stupid, just make it open. Oh wait, but if you do that then people will decide they don't like the game and not buy it. Gotta love greed.
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    <No Beta Club again! tee hee.

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    Ye, as some said, I hope I finally get a BETA key for something. Especially since I played DII for 6 years straight and never got an invite for any of their early beta's. EU that is.

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    Laaaaaaaaate news

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    and of course i didnt get in...QQ

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    Yay! No beta club...again.

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    Peanutbutter Jelly time!

    Gz to all who got an invite, be sure that im 'Jelly' !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleros View Post
    Friends and Family betas get rid of massive bugs and issues. Closed betas deal with smaller bugs and issues. Open betas are for stress testing the servers once everything is fairly stable and mostly bug free, to see how the system responds to a large load. If you open beta'd a game that didn't have most of the bugs ironed out, do you realize what that would do to the stability? Thought not.

    Feedback is only a small portion of beta testing. Developers gather tons and tons of data from people just playing. However, it also costs money to have servers online for play. It'd be a massive (and I do mean massive) waste of money to have an open beta this early in development.

    lol this early in development you crack me up

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    Oh I want in >.<!

    Quote Originally Posted by hornfreak View Post

    lol this early in development you crack me up
    Just because something has taken a long time doesn't mean it isn't done being developed.
    Aleros has a point.

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    Invites will be worldwide regardless of the post only being on US forums. Media figures in EU and US received their invites very close to one another. As far as public invites goes, people suspect they have not gone out just yet. No one has been posting or replying to posts regarding getting beta keys. Obv the argument is that they are playing already. To that, there was an update on the current number of players on the beta in open games. As of right now there's only 58 players listed doing public games across all the quest brackets. I'd expect the number to be much higher if beta invites were flying off the proverbial shelves, even if most people opt to check it out on single player (It's pretty much just the same people doing Skeleton King runs on repeat.) So people are still speculating that the beta invites are a little sluggish.

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    Makes me wonder what people would pay if Blizzard put "Diablo 3 Beta invite" in the Blizz store

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