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    Death Knight T13

    We really like how some sets were playing off of their new level 85 abilities, and we took this direction for the Death Knights as well. The new tier's "Dark Simulacrum" set copies the look of some of the other player sets in a dark look and uses their abilities against his enemies! Due to the popular requests of re-obtaining their old apprentice robes, we thought acquiring some of the look of the Timelord would satisfy the playerbase as well as intimidating the forces of Twilight. And we really, really like that helm.
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    Fake, how could you even think this would be believeable? Dk's in skirts, really?
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    haha, i lol'd. good one sir :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebontail View Post
    Fake 567890
    Thank you captain obvious.

    ot: Not bad, but give me the DK questline armor and sword and Im happy.

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    good show :P i lol'd

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    Welp, I don't see any skulls or spikes, it's okay in my book
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    *snicker* perfect!
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    Translation: you are a fool.

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    10\10 .............................

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    Good job haha, I'd be happy with that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebontail View Post
    Fake, how could you even think this would be believeable? Dk's in skirts, really?
    Kudos to you for being about to deduce that this was fake Captain Obvious, job well done! As a hint though, it is a joke that everyone but you has enjoyed thus far

    OT: I love it, showed it to some of my friends and they got a good chuckle out of it.

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    Its pretty good, i dont think the real one will be this good.

    It would have been better without skirt and with pants.

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    funny fake
    not joking
    it's funny

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    T11 - Blue (frost)
    T12 - Red (blood)
    T13 - Green (unholy - Outbreak Battlegear)

    Also, awesome OP

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    Sadly, I fear our actual tier won't look this good.
    Quote Originally Posted by kumduh View Post
    @Wingwraith: You can haz a point too, but only because you admit you're a tool!

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    So so... So AWESOME!

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    meh.... I know the fake/trolling in this.. but just meh

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    Make the face fade to black so you can only see the eyes and it will be 10x better. Also the grayscale armor color is cool, but I like colors. It's a fun rendition, but there is no color, so it makes me a sad panda. And even Pandas have black.

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    I got a feeling the actual DK Tier 13 will not only look worse, but it'll also be even more lazily made.

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