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    How do you solo a shard on HC Baleroc as Spriest?

    Hey all,

    We've just started on HC Baleroc and I've heard talk of Shadowpriests taking a shard solo, so the healers can rack up some fast stacks.

    Problem is, that even with 2 healers starting on me, they just can't seem to keep me up until the 19th stack, where I could disperse and take the remaining easy. I've tried dispersing sooner, but that just means I get 1shotted by the 24th or 25th stack.

    So how do you do it? Does it require additional external cooldowns like Pain Suppression, or are we simple going about this the wrong way?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    our spriest doing the shard with glyphed dispersion and the tol barad trinket with mastery and onuse resistence.
    i think they first use the trinket and afterwards the glyphed dispersion.

    but i might be wrong with the order

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    Hand of Sac from a pally.

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    I dont do heroic mode, but assuming its the same mechanic:

    I use the Tol Barad trinket at 10 stacks then disperse at 19 stacks. If you dont have the trinket you could get a pala to HoS you at 10

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    Hand of sac from a paladin at 12. dispersion at 18-19 winning.

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    I did this role in our raid the other night, i got a hand of sac from our pally and an aura mastery + spam heals, pop dispersion at 18-19 stacks and it carries you through the last part of the shard. Make sure you time dispersion so you dont pop early and take the last tick of dmg coz it will kill you

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    Ours bubbles the early stacks, then pops Dispersion at 19 or so. Then again, we also pop Hero when he's taking the first crystal and soloing it, to rocket boost the healer's stacks.
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    You dont need to use Tol Barad trinket, its doable without it. And u shouldnt use it since it a huge dps loss.

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    i get an external cd (pain sup, HoS, raid wall, aura mastery) at about 12 stacks and then i disperse at 18, and i also try to only take full crystals during the fight to keep healer stacks high and lessen the overall chaos of the fight

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    we do it like this

    12th stack spirit link
    18 hand
    19-20 disperse.

    Here is a video, not the best quality but was about a month or more ago.

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    Or pain supp ( one of our healers is disc) best would be pain supp+hand of sacrif. Shard is done easily that way. And our tree is going regrowth madness on him (on heroism) so its rather easy

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    You only really need one of the CDs, so if you get barrier/PS/Sac at 12 stacks you should be safe. If you have Dispersion glyphed then you can take every other shard ( I think) or every 3rd one. You should always take advantage of that because it keeps the tormented debuffs low having just one person soak rather than two.

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    I think it's every third one..

    If someone doesn't correct me, I'll tell you next raid day (Sunday).
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    For the first shard, your healer should have heroism, so it shouldn't be a problem. But even without heroism 2 healers should be more than enough to keep you alive up to 19/20 stacks. Afterwards, taking a full shard isn't necessary. After the 2nd or 3rd shard, one healer should have 160 stacks, which is more than enough to solo heal a tank (even on heroic).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultima View Post
    I think it's every third one..
    That's correct.

    You get new shards every ~30-35 seconds. That means that in order not to get wtfpwned by the damage (due to your debuff), you need to skip 2 shards before you can tank one again.

    So 1 - 4 - 7 - 10.... etc.

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    1st shard = heroism spam heal quick heals from both healers and you shouldn't need a cd, if you still die the healers are using wrong heals and you can blame them.
    If you take another full crystal you will need a cd like pwb/ps/stl/dg/am etc to survive it, make sure you are getting maximum heals doing the climb from 12-19. I know our paladin pops wings, favor and goak for when our shadowpriest takes a 2nd crystal.
    Always stay in shadowform when tanking crystal (15% is quite big on higher stacks). If you want to help pop a shield on yourself.
    Always pop disp at 19, never sooner and hopefully not later.
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    Pain Suppresion on 12, Disperse on 19

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    I get pain suppression on 12th stack, then disperse on 19.
    The same priest who pain supped me on 12th stack uses a PW:B on the other spriest on the 13th stack.

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    After the nerf: Just Glyphed-Dispersion @ 19 Stacks, didn't weared the tb trinket.
    25m hc

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    force another DPS to run and take 2-3 stacks?

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