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    I am no person

    holz: Awesome .gif is awesome

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    Quote Originally Posted by Worgenite View Post
    you're a pizza
    No U!

    And that is an awesome pic Jona

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    any1 know a shamanistic fly mount?

    + 11

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    Oh. My. God *_*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Draknalor186 View Post
    any1 know a shamanistic fly mount?
    A stone or a wind drake. Or a firehawk. Something elemental.

    Actually, what race is your shaman?

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    you mean a mount that looks shammanish and is a flyer?

    Hmm... I'll have to think about that some... maybe the ZA bear off the top of my head though.

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    Annnd I just realized that bears don't fly ><


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    Thanks fo my new sig arlee


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    What app is that?! Must try that on my cat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by holz View Post
    Thanks fo my new sig arlee

    lol Glad I could help


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    Also I can't see that gif

    and Elyaan, Y U NO POST NUMBERS?????

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    I'm a neutral party.


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    Arlee the gif was just a cat chasing a fish on an Ipad


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    Quote Originally Posted by Elyaan View Post
    I'm a neutral party.
    No! You are my party!

    Hehe cat chasing a fish on an iPad lol.. cats...

    ok the new gif is very ewww holz ><


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    Lovely .gif there holz >_>


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    +1 hee hee hee hee

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    Anyone else wrapping christmas presents?


    Oh and holz... curse you for that gif. Was hilarious at the same time though
    Quote Originally Posted by Dyra View Post
    Because what they are atm are plait tugging, sniffing, glaring, prissy, clothes obsessed bitches who I would quite cheerfully drown.
    I often post from my mobile device, typos in my posts are 99% likely to be because of that.
    All I would ever want and need is a hug.

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    - 1

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    I am at work so not me Wass... also way to ninja me!

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