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    +43 Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the thread...
    Death would be a welcome embrace.

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    + 44

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    +45 That skelington guy was weird in the head.
    Death would be a welcome embrace.

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    I agree Worgen


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    You must have been born with a lack of oxygen, you retired person!

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    My wrist hurts.....

    .....From Stepmania. It's a good timewaster.

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    Stepmania eh? ....staircases...?

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    +1 yay
    Death would be a welcome embrace.

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    + 2

    Goodnight guys and merry christmas!

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    2 episodes left of my show! Just in time for christmas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GhostShaman View Post

    So he posted a minute early...

    Quote Originally Posted by Engelen View Post
    Posting from phone, won't attempt a number cause edits are slow or non existant.
    Merry Christmas to all!

    I didn't get an Alienware But €250 for savings which is nice, and a 42" full HD LED tv - and I'm totally connecting it to my computer. Bai 23" screen!

    Boom: I saw your post regarding your signature request. I've had issues with PS crashing every 5 minutes, afraid I'm not able to finish it at all. Forgot to tell you, my apologies!
    That's awesome on the TV

    Quote Originally Posted by Wasselina View Post
    I take it u had a nice day then eng? I got all the things I wished for, but they weren't really expensive. Fun fact: my dad went pervert and bought me a "sexy women calendar 2012" because he thought it would be fun... No idea if I dare to have it on the wall when my girl comes to visit tho...
    I'd hang it up and be damn proud. My girlfriend also wouldn't care though

    Quote Originally Posted by Joyful View Post
    Guess i could help with number when its x-mass eve and all

    Just you know, toss one onto the pile

    Quote Originally Posted by Gemini Sunrise View Post
    Unfortunately the above means this one didn't count

    Quote Originally Posted by Joyful View Post
    + 5
    y u no ppl speak? im bored
    Welcome to my world

    Quote Originally Posted by Joyful View Post
    still no talking =(

    Again, join the party

    Quote Originally Posted by Caiada View Post

    Time needs to pass faster, both so I can see the status of my mod application, and obviously, for Christmas

    I believe I may be getting a 3DS. Don't know yet.
    You become a mod we won't look too kindly on you (just kidding of course)

    Quote Originally Posted by Caiada View Post

    Skel: http://www.stepmania.com/

    (Picture unrelated)

    This one still counts though

    Hai guys!


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    Hi Jona

    Hurray for me counting :P

    I think the mods need reinforcements. Spam bots are currently laying siege to basically every other section :/ Understandable given people being away for the holidays though.

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    Are they now? That stinks

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    Yeah, GD and MoP General were a mess a little while ago, especially. Somebody got on and cleaned them all up though.

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    + 9

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    Good job mods. I really like the mods here, they do a really good job

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    I have finished Higurashi! Hooray!

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    Nice Skel. Was it enjoyable?

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