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    Good . I expect the prize for my victory to be , that you include me into the next picture made out of people's avatars from this thread.

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    Simba, you have forgotten me. You have forgotten who you are and so have forgotten me.
    I'm so gonna watch the Lion King tomorrow.
    Wtf is this Liar Liar?
    Hola a los nuevos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genganger View Post
    Wtf is this Liar Liar?

    Watched the Lion King the other week with a friend and I didn't cry at Mufasa's death scene. So proud of myself!


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    Oh Liar Liar.. It's called something different here.
    The great kings of the past look down on us from those stars.
    I've never cried at the Mufasa death scene.

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    + 17


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    Of course you havent

    The storm has now turned into a hurricane, it's rather scary. Something is slamming against the balcony door, me no like.

    Is 3DS any fun Skel?

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    + 18

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    Mufasa is Darth Vader.
    I've never cried to a movie. But I've had nightmares about I Know What You Did Last Summer and the awesome sequel I Still Know What You Did Last Summer xD

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    Aww, merry xmas brotahs.s.s.

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    Merry Crimbo ^.^

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    It's very fancy. Can use the internet on it, and download games from nintendo. Playing mario kart right now. Very fun.

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    Recent polls have shown that four fifths of the American population believes that gingers are the spawn of the Devil. Why do you think this is?
    Internet on a 3DS? Fancy idd.

    The Circle of Liiiiiiife!

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    + 24

    Cause we're amurrika.

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    Okay, I just made it up. Good night

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    I got no 3DS I did finally get Super Mario Galaxy though, and also got the new Kirby Wii game, which was absurdly enjoyable in co-op. All in all, fun day. Merry Christmas PvM!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Engelen View Post
    Now hold on a minute, who said I had them on? I might have hinted it but.. Yea okay, fine. Yes, yes I would

    I'm watching Liar Liar. "They're just nice because you have huge tits", haha!
    Why the sad face about that one?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Engelen View Post

    I'm watching Liar Liar. "They're just nice because you have huge tits", haha!
    I find this to be disturbingly true.

    Also the storm is MAD at my house atm.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dyra View Post
    Because what they are atm are plait tugging, sniffing, glaring, prissy, clothes obsessed bitches who I would quite cheerfully drown.
    I often post from my mobile device, typos in my posts are 99% likely to be because of that.
    All I would ever want and need is a hug.

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    Mario Galaxy is a lot of fun. You should acquire a 3DS too. It's snazzy. Haven't gotten around to buying the kirby game.

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    I really want to try Mario Galaxy. Way too cheap to actually buy it though

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