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    So arlee I found out Treann's cheats, and how he posts so quick after 49 is posted.
    How does he do it?

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    Also, the movie Immortals is awesome. There is more story than actual combat, but the combat is awesome~
    really? Because the commercials make it look like it's the other way around

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    that's how XD
    Death would be a welcome embrace.

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    11/11-11 soon ends =/

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    Imma decorate all of my apartment with Christmas shite!
    11-11-11 never ends!

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    That's not all of it worg, but of course that has a large part in it. I would say how he does it exactly, but the bro code says I cannot rat on a bro. Sorry

    And I thought Immortals was about mostly action as well, but I noticed that the action is limited compared to the story, which they both fit well together to make a good movie.

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    + 14

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    Here in Denmark we don't celebrate that turkey holiday We have a duck one in stead

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    That's not helping your cause. You're still skipping one holiday and going right to the next

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    Interesting Haizer.. I might actually go see it then.

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    just doing those avatars because i have no more images to do

    gonna post them more lately
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    Nay the duck holiday was yesterday. Ready for Christmas!

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    @haizer: i got my........ways....

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    i agree with jona,

    this happened here actually:
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    For the US: today is Veteran's Day so yea

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    I cannot see that picture Treann xD
    What is this Veteran's Day? We don't celebrate Christmas. We celebrate Yule Gold Coast.. As in Australia?

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    Probably. Anyways, Veterans Day

    And close enough between the two (Christmas and Yule)

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    Death would be a welcome embrace.

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