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    Players vs. Mods

    Players vs Mods, just a fun forum game

    The ultimate battle between players and mods, who rules this forum?

    The game is really easy, these are the rules:

    - Players add 1 point each time they post.
    - Mods subtract 4 points each time they post (subject to updates for balancing purposes)
    - You must wait at least 10 minutes between your numbered posts. You can chat as long as you don't post a number. This goes for players and mods alike.
    - You cannot post numbers consecutively. (You can't play the game by yourself when nobody else is online)
    - You must post the + or - sign in front of the number.
    - If you post an incorrect number, your number doesn't count and you still must wait another 10 min to post another number. Any posts following the incorrect number with another incorrect number are not valid. (Mentioning the correct number does not count as a count.)
    - There is a roughly 3 minute window to edit your post and fix your number before the edited message appears on your post. Please immediately update your number if someone posted right before you did. This is actually quite common, and if you're not careful you'll cause a number train wreck. If someone screenshots or quotes your number fail, you weren't fast enough.
    - Numbers that are not in Arabic numerals will not be counted and the same goes for trying to "hide" your number in your post.
    - Double posts will cause a red post added line to appear. This is OK, but is often overlooked. If you make a double post and it's overlooked, we'll make reasonable steps to correct the score so that you aren't just shafted out of points.
    - No posting pictures of My Little Ponies (there's a thread for that) or spiders (there's not a thread for that). If you post pictures of spiders, you're a sick person.

    That means posts will look like this:
    Player: +1
    Player: +2
    Player: +3
    Mod: -0+
    Player: +1
    Mod: -2
    Player: -1

    Players: Reach 50 points
    Mods: Reach -50 points

    Once you reach 50 or -50 points the game starts at 0 again and the side that won gain a point on the scoreboard!


    Players wins: 292
    Mod wins: 11
    Treann: 145

    This thread is actually part 2. Part 1 can be found here
    Thanks to all the participants who kept it going over the past year, even when there wasn't much competition.

    Current participation can be found here
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    Yay me.

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    Current topic of discussion is talking animals. Gonna start mods off at -2 per post due to the recent influx of participation.

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    The talking cats are fun too

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    Actually, the current topic of discussion is me being physically unable to follow rules if they change. -.-'

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    Not even 60 seconds in and we're already having number problems... /facepalm.

    I guess we'll go with -1 for the correct score since Lokann was incorrect and I followed

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    Uhm. Riiight

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    Make that -3 then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kumduh View Post
    Not even 60 seconds in and we're already having number problems... /facepalm.
    Not my... oh yeah, it is my fault... nevermind.

    -5 and I gots me a Netherwing drake in 3 days. Yay me.

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    Get them eggs Lokann.

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    -3 WOOOT FIRST PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heya guys, I's about to go to the store, so uhhh, yeah, I'll be coming back to us losing...

    Death would be a welcome embrace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Engelen View Post
    Get them eggs Lokann.
    Don't mention eggs to me right now... the last 10 were a test of will.

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    I wanted to post this in the original, but I kinda feel like making a new one for the sole sake of the scoreboard (and resetting the scoreboard) is kinda saying FU to all the players who kept the thread alive for the ~1000 pages where mod activity was incredibly sparse

    Just saying I really don't like the change

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    Quote Originally Posted by mynameisjona View Post
    Not to mention losing some of the history. Just look at the post count for the thread, 2 of the top (Sy and Dark Side) don't even post here anymore. It'd be a little lost to new people coming in that this thread has been around this long
    I'll add a link to the previous thread for people who are interested, but I think having an almost 2k page thread was more of a deterrence than a welcoming sign for new players, especially since nobody had kept up with the score.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lokann View Post
    Don't mention eggs to me right now... the last 10 were a test of will.
    Not going to mention that there are 11 stacked up in my bank on my inactive account.
    ... :3

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    I understand Jona, but you should look past the reason and just keep on going and keep this as a fun chat thread with a game on the side and Kumduh, you should put the mods subtract 2 in size 7 as well as bolded since someone can't read :P

    Death would be a welcome embrace.

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    Woot looks good.

    With the higher participation right now kumduh, you might want to add to the editing rule "as long as no one posts after you before you edit" or something like that. As fast as posts happen the way it reads you can easily end up with a long chain of edits and confusion.


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    - 1
    You can't just jump to -6 And you can't edit after I've posted Can you?
    Last edited by mmocf432157f0e; 2011-09-23 at 05:12 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genganger View Post
    - 1
    You can't just jump to -6
    Well first you followed me, and the others posted while I was posting so I edited, and you edited while I edited

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    I'm gonna look past that for the sake of this thread, just saying that is how I feel being one of those players who kept the thread alive for so long without real competition

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