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    Shadowy Apparitions - Rag

    Has anyone else noticed that they just kinda bug out and despawn throughout the encounter? Saw this last night and then went in my combat log and through recount and, sure enough, not a single hit from them.

    Seeing as I only noticed this last night, I'm not sure if it's something that was a problem before the hotfix to all of FL...

    Anyone else seeing something similar?

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    I was shadow on weds night when we were headbutting heroic mode. I've checked my logs and my shadowy apparitions were hitting Ragnaros. I'd be unsurprised if there was a slight bug though. Anyone who's done Sinestra knows that half submerged bosses can do some weird stuff with player pets.

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    Yea.. I had a similar issue last night as well. Someone asked why there were two of me. It was just standing there... I have no idea what caused it and it was while Rag was up, but it only happened the once = /

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    I noticed this happening if the following conditions are met,

    1) You took a trap, and an apparition spawned midair - apparition spawns on the ground where you took the trap and chills, reads a book.
    2) You dotted any sort of add, and the apparition spawned simultaneously with the add's death - this is the correct behavior, but might mislead you into thinking an apparition didn't go for ragnaros

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    Hmm, the first thing you listed there might have been what caused that. I'll try and pay more attention this week and see if it happens again and if happens after a trap.

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