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    Official Solo DK Tank Guide

    First I take no credit for this guide. I spent a couple hours translating and cleaning up Mionelol’s guide on her website.

    This guide is not finished, I posted so I did not lose the guide

    I have added certain things she either missed or never covered in her guide.

    Please keep the thread clean with positive feedback. Anything posted on this thread is in fact soloed by Death Knights. People who post "lol that boss not soloable" will be laughed at.

    1) Spec
    2) Glyphs
    3) Gameplay
    4) Gemming
    5) Enchanting
    6) Consumables
    7) Boss Strat

    1. Spec

    Obviously you will be going Blood for everything. There is a very basic cookie cutter build for soloing. Certain fights will require certain specs because of mechanics in the fight, ie; Mind Control's

    Here is the base spec you should use http://www.wowhead.com/talent#jfGG0crrkszbZ0h:R0o0mzM0c

    I will cover in detail for certain fights, such as Kael'thas in TK. I will link the spec you should use.

    2. Glyphs
    1. Death Strike
    2. Rune Strike
    3. Heart Strike
    Alternatives will be Death Coil in place of Death Strike, where as some fights require more survival and less DPS.

    1. Bone Shield
    2. Pestilence
    3. Anti Magic Shield

    1. Path of Frost
    2. Blood Tap
    3. Horn of Winter

    3. Gameplay

    Mandatory Blood Presence
    1) Roughly cycle priorities Refresh diseases > Death Strike > Rune Strike > Heart Strike > Horn of Winter. This is base.

    2) Do not forget the your ghoul, which is an important part of the DPS. If possible, use it well in advance in providing for when a sacrifice may be helpful (but it is more a case by case basis than anything else).

    3) Cleave. Cleave. Cleave. To enrage timers on tight, it is often possible to scrape the DPS via the function cleave of Heart Strike - but I can not stress this enough that requires proper positioning if you really want to optimize each of your Heart Strike and not just 80% of them.

    4) Use defensive cooldowns intelligently. An encounter of this kind is for example in Ulduar Iron Council - we need a cooldown for * each * fist fusion. DPS also plays a factor in some fights, basically if you can burn the boss fast enough you wont need so many CD's. Generally speaking use your shortest CD's first, AMS/VB, don't forget about Will of Necropolis. Use your IBF last, as it will make or break a kill.

    5) ERW is an * excellent * cooldown both defense or offense that is very often misused by most of the DKs, for I do not know why.

    6) Remember to Rune Tap just before WotN proc! It's really stupid to go under 35% without having used at least just before.

    4. Gemming
    - I could not find anywhere on her blog about gemming. In my honest opinion and experience I like to gem str>crit>stam>all others.

    5. Enchanting

    Helm - 65 Str/35 Mastery
    Shoulder - 50 Str/ 25 Crit
    Chest - 20 stats
    Cloak - 65 Crit
    Bracers - 50 Str
    Gloves - 50 Str
    Pants - 190 AP/55 Crit
    Boots - 30 Stam/Run walk increase

    Weapon - Rune of the Fallen Crusader

    6. Consumables
    Drums of the Forgotten Kings
    Runescroll of Fortitude
    Str/Stam Flask
    Elixer 90 Resist
    Food buffs

    7. Boss Strategy

    I will not be covering Vanilla content. It is laughably easy with the exception of a few bosses.

    Grull's Lair

    High King Maulgar Difficulty - Medium/Hard

    -One of the most frustrating boss that exists, at least before obtaining enough stuff.
    The "strategy" is to zerg the priest. Important things to know, the shaman has a limited scope of its sheep and its disarm. Should therefore be placed far enough from it to make it as a flash spam. If you go too far, the mob will try to replace, will brainlag, stick will come to you and be so close at disarm / sheep.

    -This placement would obviously be too simple if the warlock did not come to interfere. It has a Death Coil that will make you flee for 3 seconds (or less). It ruined an investment. You can PvP trinket equipped one to dispel if you feel it's going to send you anywhere, you can AMS preventive (to feel). It is also launching a shield that makes it immune to kicks, but this shield is broken in two moves.
    To kick, it is obviously Mind Freeze, but also use Strangulate and Death Grip

    When the priest died, the fight is basically won - kill dogs (referred to by the warlock), kill the warlock, kill the shaman, kill the mage , then the king.

    Gruul the Dragonkiller Difficulty - Easy

    -Tank and Spank

    Serpentshrine Cavern

    Hydross the Unstable Difficulty - Easy

    -Tank and spank, with little switches from time to time between Nature and Frost.

    The Lurker Below Difficulty - Easy

    -Not even going over this. If you can't figure it out, well... o well.

    Leotheras the Blind Difficulty - Easy

    -Use AMS to avoid the debuff stack (ie in the early phases demon), not when you already have 20. That's it, basic tank and spank.

    Fathom-Lord Karathress Difficulty - Easy

    Boss simple. You can either focus Caribdis (who cares, do tornadoes pop, you stun / cube, in short it is a pain in the ass). Must interrupt his heals (Mind Freeze / Strangulate). After she died, won battle. You can Necrotic Strike to increase the casting time (it is even recommended, and then if you fail a kick absorbs can heal, win-win!). Once Caribdis dead, kill the other adds (the order does not matter), then Karathress.
    Alternatively, if you're smart, forget the adds once Caribdis dead, and just kill the boss (the adds will stay alive when the boss died, but Depop if you leave the room). Yes, it will put a nasty buff the boss, instead of typing it will type in 1500 to 2500. Sad life.
    And if you're hot like Mamie Nova, you can even focus the boss completely forgetting Caribdis. But must kick on the right focus in this case.

    Morogrim Tidewalker Difficulty - Easy

    Tank agrlgrlgrlgrlgrlgrl. The debuff which reduces the regen runes is extremely annoying but not dangerous at all ...

    Lady Vashj (with special Lichborne required!) Difficulty - Hard

    Very simple strategy if you think just like that, but in practice the performance is a perfectionist, and definitely not forgive mistakes.
    p1: Tank and Spank
    p2: The basic water will run toward pop and Vashj without doing anything. If they reach Lady Vashj, they buff the dmg by 5% for p3. Said like that it's all stupid, but that's what will make you wipe, It can stack 99 times, and I was not able to kill Vashj if it rises above 65 before the p3.

    The basic poison (green water, whatever.'re On WoW.) Will pop from time to time. They will not budge from their position of spawn, will you throw bolt of poison. Once dead you can loot an item that disables one of the top four levels that Vashj was attached to the beginning of Phase 2. You must disable 4 of them to go into p3. Problem: the basic Depop very quickly if they are not killed (and completely respawn elsewhere)
    Naga go pop, come and hit you. They do nothing special, except something very boring - a Hamstring. In other words, it makes the pursuit of basic hazardous if you do not kill them quickly.
    Tips on all legs are ugly pop, come and hit you. They have an aura around them that constant fear those who go melee. So you must fear the AMS, and kill them in 7 Seconds for the duration of AMS, and / or Lichborne if you can not do so quickly.

    The strategy is to go around in circles around Vashj in p2, by not letting any water elemental. Except:
    - Comes in a melee naga: give up everything, and destroy it. It sounds stupid, but he spends just one broken knee and tons of basic water pass. It is better to let the 2 or 3 temps kill the naga, than to let even more.
    - A basic poison pop: give up everything (including naga), and go for it if you're on the right side. You must IMMEDIATELY spot, be constantly on the lookout for poison bolts of flying (you will know that the indication for which it pop). Go on, the loot, return, right click on one of the towers.
    - Sometimes a melee strider: same as for the naga, with AMS and / or Lichborne more.

    It seems quite con said like that but it is more difficult in reality. If you are too far from the basic poison, or if you have taken a broken knee, or if you have noticed too late - do not push your luck, and do not go. Must know its limits. if you go and the mob Depop under your nose, you will have missed ten basic water for nothing.

    p3: 60-70 stacks with Vashj. It will be extremely difficult, not with his blows in melee (~ 20k, fairly easy to care) but with the Static Shock (Shock one that hurts, and as a bonus you will stun for 5 seconds). Should be used preemptively CD, and unfortunately for that I have no advice to give. Only the feeling - you need to know in your little head when the snap, by yourself. (Like the boss that it's been a long time not to cast Shock, I feel he will make a there. I hop cd. Ottoman, bingo.)
    Other than that, heal tank dps. Some areas on the ground, get out quickly, but they do no damage anyway (level 70 resist =)

    Tempest Keep

    Al'ar, Solarian, Void Reaver Difficulty - Easy

    Tank Heal Dps, all three are very boring, although for reasons specific to them. Al'ar you turned around, you Solarian is a bomb that you kb into the air every 15 seconds, Void Reaver you almost always silent.

    Kael'thas Sunstrider Difficulty - Medium/Hard
    Posting later
    Here's the spec that you use though. http://www.wowhead.com/talent#jcGGMs...oZ0h:Rzo0msz0c

    Not covering Mount Hyjal at this time

    Black Temple Confirmed, Mionelol has soloed all of Black Temple, yes even RoS. How? I haven't found out yet.

    High Warlord Naj'entus Difficulty Unknown, I'm not a night elf, I am forsaken.

    Impossible, unless you are a night elf (shadowmeld). You have to use camouflage to reset the elven shield boss, this does not reset HP. The Necrotic Strike also passes through the shield apparently. Not confirmed. This also applys to rogues with vanish. You can solo this boss as well.

    Supremus, Shade of Akama, Teron Gorefiend Difficulty - Easy

    Tank, Heal, DPS and they die.

    Gurtogg Bloodboil

    Do nothing until the timer of the Fel Rage is up (use a boss mod at worst). When I say there is really nothing.) Invoke your ghoul up once the timer, let's take the aggro, the boss will then begin the Fel Rage on you and drop you in dps (the buff gives you + X% damage, healing, etc.)
    You can then do the same when the Fel Rage over until the next Fel Rage (this time with Dawn of the Dead instead of ghoul), or simply finish the boss, which should be low enough alive .

    Reliquary of Souls Difficulty - I'm going out on a limb and saying very very difficult. I'm still not sure how she soloed it yet. Hopefully she will explain.

    Mother Shahraz Difficulty - Easy

    Tank, Heal, DPS

    Illidari Council Difficulty - Medium

    Tank, heal, DPS, interrupt the heals of the priest. When there is BoP Magic, suck it up, not possible to interrupt, I'm not sure if Strang works anyway, I actually never tested. Do not stand in shit on ground. Priest does not move, but will if you interupt her heals.

    Illidan Stormrage
    Not yet posted.


    Kalecgos, Brutallus
    They have not yet been soloed by DK. A Hunter Soloed Brutallus is a simple tank & spank (with a turtle instead of a DK), it is very easy to 2 man it however.

    Very simple, just to avoid the blasts in p2. If it is not too serious enrage, cd snaps and survive long enough to finish it. Well of course it is important to 50% hp when enraged, but ~ 10% is broadly acceptable.

    Eredar Twins

    Kill the Shadow priority twin (the one that taps into melee). We must make small shifts throughout the fight, because the ball of fire sent by the Twin Fire leaves a void on the ground that is not well (but Depop quickly). So you can simply move in a circle in small steps. When a big announcement is "launches conflagration", use AMS. Caution, do not use AMS for "launches Shadow Nova"!

    M'uru Difficulty - Easy
    You just leave the black ground aoe, ca reduce heals received by 100%. Other than that ... Easy...


    Tank Heal Dps. Use AMS Thousand Souls of Darkness (the big cast Kil'jaeden which folds its wings, which lasts three weights and is about 100kdmg). Pay attention to the phases of "transition" during these phases Kil'jaeden launches species to Vezax bolts, if they touch you you will have a -50% heal debuff for a few seconds. Just stay on the road to avoid them.
    Do not try to dps the orbs, their damage at level 85 is ridiculous. A boss that was ruined by the passage at 85 - survival was insane at level 80: o)


    Normal strategy as a raid at the time. Run during the locust swarm, the spider a priority focus. Glyph of Frost for the passage of fall damage!

    Grand Widow Faerlina
    Tank heal dps. We must put down the henchmen alive (but not too much or they die of cleave), and kill one once it goes into rages (the ca dispel). If you have enough stuff, you can totally fuck you to the rages.

    Tank heal dps with a Death & Decay from time to time to kill the little spiders. Boss fairly simple, you just AMS at the end of the poison to prevent the re-application, and enjoy those few seconds to back the life lost before. Try to keep the cd to enrage phase to 25 or 30%.

    Tank heal dps, but version hardcore. No strategy outside the intelligent use of cd. Patchwerk is mainly there to test your management cd and especially runes.

    Tank heal dps.

    Gluth Not Soloable as of right now.
    Should be 26k dps for soloing, and it's limited to type Gluth stronger than it heals, nothing else. It's not for now, although I'm not far away.

    Tank heal dps. very easy boss, only coercion, enraged (6 minutes)

    Instructor Razuvious Very Difficult
    Boss extremely difficult due to the survival completely insane, especially if you're not used. Other than that, very simple level boss strategy (use of two adds, sacrifice, and then you go.). You must keep alive an add and use it just for Pestilence disease above (and then back on the boss without wasting valuable runes frost / unholy, using this time on the Pestilence mob).
    It's like Patchwerk, a test of your management runes.

    Gothik, North, Heigan, Loatheb
    All tank and spank.

    Four Horsemen
    Focus Thane Kor'thazz then Mograine, then the other 2 by switching periodically from the side. We must quickly get rid of the first two, very fast. Watch the video, and adopt the same investment. With the big stuff, you can even cleave Zeliek Blaumeux or along the first 2 - it is possible to hold laaaargement alive, even with three brands that climb instead of 2.

    Tank heal dps. Remember AMS ticks of drain life is always ca less and DPS to provide ..

    Tank heal dps. Just be careful to void on the ground, they are quite flashy, it's easy to avoid. A little more difficult when nerubians are pumping all the space on your screen, but always simple.

    Ulduar I do believe that Mionelol has soloed all of Ulduar (all hard modes)

    Flame Leviathan
    Take a catapult, and spamming the launch of pyrite. the trash is more boring than Leviathan. Frankly I hate this system of the vehicle at the con, do not wait any guide Leviathan +1 +2 +3 +4 from me.

    XT-002 Deconstructor
    The first phase is the most difficult, as you will manage the earthquakes that do damage based on your% maximum HP. Subsequent phases are much simpler, however, because if you do well you will not have to manage two earthquakes in a row but only one (who can not really kill you, especially if followed by a phase heart)
    DPS must bombs / small robots priority, trying to make bombs kill small robots exploding if possible. A small robot = 50k to heal, it is better to lose some DPS and do not let it heal tunnel to try at all costs.

    Ignis the Furnace Master
    You just know the strategy of the time. To kill the adds, they should be getting into the fire for some time, they will become inflamed, You must bring them into the water, they will freeze and become one-shottable.
    Just repeat that loop until the death of boss. Enrage sooooo large.

    Phase 1: N / A
    Phase 2: It will apply a debuff that reduces armor and regen runes, stackable 5 times. After a 5 stack, CA applies a 30 second stun (and kill you Razorscale therefore normally during the stun, not that you can do anything. No, AMS does not work)
    Fortunately, this debuff is also an aggro wipe, and it allows for a tanker ghoul, one of the NPCs in the room, or the army of the dead. So the coup plan, make sure that your disease is no longer there when you will receive the 5th debuff (if you return to the aggro list), make your ghoul or Dawn of the Dead is present and tank for you . The ghoul should be glyphed for this.

    Iron Council
    We must kill the first big giant. Nothing special except that it is a pretty decent DPS for it does not drag, and a good cooldown rotation (taking into account the duration of this phase ..). Always leave the mobs for AoE blue ground, ca buff their damage (and yours too, but whatever ..)
    Once it died, the little dwarf focus by trying to interrupt as many spells as possible. Do not take the big aoe stun which is better. Do not forget that little dwarf is sensitive to deathgrip, ca lets him out of the AoE Vrykul on the ground.
    Once the dwarf death is more or less won (won it since the death of the giant actually, but shhh, I will keep the surprise). The only problem could possibly be the enrage timer, but I had this concern as the beta, not the live.

    Algalon the Observer
    Not soloed by anyone at the moment!

    Tank heal dps

    You have to pull a correct focus and cats VERY quickly before they stack too many debuffs on you. This is a fight is done with tank gear, or at least at least the trinkets for endurance. After the last phase of the cats fight is won.
    You can kill the cat it invokes shadow later in the fight, it will do less damage every time you kill him. However, you should be able to survive without killing him once.

    It must first kill the 3 trees in the corners of the room. These three trees loot a lot of gold, by the way (: I have not tried Freya with trees up, I do not know what it can give. This will perhaps be more updates me later when I attack it.
    No real difficulty of Freya in itself, simply to survive phases adds. For small phase adds, kill them with aoe for the tree, just go under the mushroom, and for the three basic adds, just kill all three at once (about 10 seconds apart), otherwise they will rez each other.
    It should also focus the trees as soon as they pop (Eonar's Gift) is the top priority over everything else (unless you are just completing the 3 basic, in this case the complete FAST)

    DPS check. Phases of Frozen Blows, please / cancelaura Blood Shield replace some or Death Strike Heart Strike by the shield so that bland. It allows Hodir to inflict damage with Frozen Blows, and thus give you revenge. Do not commit suicide anyway ...
    Put a symbol on the mage (Missy Alliance side, no idea Horde side, look on Wowhead.) Before the pull. It can identify right away what you have to break ice cube first. The mage releases alone all the other ice cubes, so you'll have it in focus. Unleash the mage almost instantaneously to every Flash Freeze. Do not even try to stack buffs fire by avoiding at all costs against dropping blocks of ice on the NPC, and try as much as possible to go to the solar beam that increase your haste by 100%.

    I manage to climb up the platform next to Thorim .. It's pretty ridiculous but true, even with "beat" the encounter and who used ingenuity to successfully climb to the top, it simply refuses to go into phase 2. I guess the concern is that I do not kill the golem in the hallway - I manage to get otherwise, without entering the tunnel.
    In short, insolotable. Easy to do both, just need someone who comes to soloing the hall or the arena of choice.

    First, remember that you can skip the trash! Just take the tp which leads directly to Mimiron. That said, the subway is pretty, especially if you do not know Ulduar. For my part reminds me of fond memories of the time these were just ridiculous trash: D
    In short, let us come to Mimiron itself.
    Phase 1: You can take the first AoE to get Vengeance. AMS Prime debuff that hurts (there is a big announcement, can not miss - rating: AMS does not prevent the application of debuff, it just absorbs damage), the second IBF, AMS the third, and normally no fourth. If there is a fourth is that you do not have the dps, period.
    Phase 2: N / A, do not stand in the fire. The rockets will necessarily be on you.
    Phase 3: Make a macro

    # Showtooltip Death Coil / target Aerial Command Unit / use Magnetic Core / cast Death Coil / targetlasttarget
    Replace your Death Coil by this button macro for the time of the encounter. Lots of little bots will pop AMS damage bombs exploding (not all that said AMS), and focus the "big" bots first. They drop an item called Magnetic Core, stand well below the helicopter and use the macro (it should translate into French if you play with the client FR, of course). The helicopter will descend to the ground a few seconds, take the opportunity to focus, and really focus for real (REALLY), that is, DRW, strength potion, and company. This is the longest phase, if you scratch the furious here, and nowhere else.
    Phase 4: You must successfully balance the three parties. The 2-piece bonus is pretty huge tank T12, as it proc on the taunt (just taunt the helicopter at all times). Replace * all * the runes strikes by Death Coil (@ macro that will run them directly on the helicopter). Always avoid the AoE, rockets, and laser PewPew to C'thun (and the mines on the ground if possible, but it is less serious).
    Death and Decay affects 3 targets. Outbreak of the helicopter as soon as it up, do not ask diseases on the other two mobs. You must at all costs kill 3 in an interval of 10-15 seconds, then go for it all soft dps on the other two. Heart Strike on the "body" of the environment affects the chopper. Icy Touch, if you are good at survival and have runes available, can touch the helicopter as well, but blah.
    Finally, the enraged 15 minutes is definitely a problem with my stuff, I could beat him before all the ups DPS has received special blood. But hey, it may remain problematic. If you ever miss in phase 4 and you do not kill 3 in an interval of 10-15 seconds, the parts that you killed will rise to 50% hp. Do not give up hope, especially if the helicopter is that you have not managed to kill - the helicopter will be much simpler to low HP (~ 5%) and you can focus the other 2, without complex, taking care to just kill the first helicopter when the two others will be low in life.

    General Vezax
    Simple race against the enraged. Do not interrupt as much as possible (do not do that if the armor debuff can cause your immediate death). Also as far as possible, rather than interrupt AMS is preferable. You will be lack of runes and RP due to be 20% regen, so it's a fight very annoying / frustrating. We must get out of Shadow Crash immediately, personally I can not avoid bump for sure (say 50%) because it just falls too fast in melee, even when already on the road and going in a straight line that touches me anyway ..

    Phase 1: N / A. Do not just have to add a pop just before / during the transition, you will not get rid of you in time: \
    Phase 2.1: Death & Decay Glyph is mandatory. At the time of transition, a tentacle will pop immediately constrictor on you, make a DnD under your feet to rid you, before the tentacles pop (but not too far, otherwise the tentacle will not die).
    Once the tentacle constrictor death, go as fast as possible to the bedrooms on the main tentacle, but do not type well, not too much, it absolutely must not die. Why? For as long as you are the tank of the tentacle, tentacles constrictors can not pop in and take you target. It is therefore necessary to wait for the pop of the tentacle portals tanka (it is essential to identify in advance and know by heart pops, to know directly or rush, won in every second is precious brain phase).
    About 7 seconds before the portals of pop (with a boss mod, if not made the head of * feeling *), AMS slam attempt to prevent the application of very boring debuffs such as stuns the Telonicus @ TK, of snares, stuff that reduce regen runes ... that crap. When the gates pop, finish big tentacle (you have left to 10k-20k hp), and rush to the gate as quickly as possible.
    Phase 2.2: Phase Brain. Focus the tentacles, it always takes two shots to kill them. The first shot will transform the illusion tentacle, the second will kill the tentacle (theoretically one-shot at level 85). Feel free to Death & Decay and Heart Strike if you see a pack (as in ICC for example).
    You should not deal too long in the eyes, take a few ticks is acceptable, you're in a hurry (e) after all, but not too much because of it hurts, and two ca reduces your sanity quite quickly, that sanity is bound to be around 30 at the beginning of this phase.
    The rooms are the easiest and ICC Stormwind (more or less equivalent) is the most boring of all dragons. Note: this is feasible regardless of the room, but it's more tense / RNG requires more / stuff.
    Must then rush the brain as quickly as possible, and dps with everything in your possession, all offensive cd should be slammed at the time. It is imperative to get the brain by 30% in a single phase, otherwise wipe (no wipe immediately, but know that you do not beat in two phases Yogg brain, at least I never got there just too many tentacles that pop and it gets really anything in phase 3)
    Phase 3: adds that pop. It's a phase or your positrons and the cleave is to manage at all costs. The priority of focus: Guardian> Small tentacle (mainly cleave to, and focus only if it has more guard ny)> Big tentacle (ditto)> Yogg-Saron itself. You can not afford to lose too many Sanity, again it is normal to take a few ticks here and there, and you have the well back to the Sanity Freya, but time lost: \
    The enrage is pretty boring when the stuff is the exact limit of the feasible, I wipe a lot of time at 3, 4, 6% ...
    I want to say that the RNG on this boss is very present, I can kill in 3 pulls up now (and wipes are due to anything that makes me more than anything: \). RNG the only boring, it's the beginning of the P2, you must be able to rush the tentacle-time (before the second pop constrictor), and sometimes the RNG persists, making proc stuns all conceivable obviously at the wrong time ... It happens once every 46 sweaters, suck it up, as they say.


    Northrend Beasts
    Phase 1: Gormok. Kill him as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will die. Simple as that. Out of the fire, slamming cd dps and defensive as intelligently as possible. If you stack Gormok reaches beyond its debuff 9, you can consider it lost. Nothing special strategic level, you just fill in dps as failed, and many use the cd defensive (as usual). This phase should last between 1 minute and 1 minute 30 40 maximum.
    Phase 1.5: Transition. You always have the Gormok debuff that lasts 30 seconds and literally violate your character .. Fortunately, you can regen on snowbolds (and kill them all before the arrival of worms, incidentally). It will remain * a * snowbold, the one on your head. You can not dps as white shots, see later.
    Phase 2: to arrive. We must focus the worm that launches the poison (Dreadscale, pop it in the left). The beginning of this phase is even more intense level to provide care that the end of Phase 1, you must have AMS, hopefully on RE procs, and if you still have it won IBF or ERW. Watch out for puddles of poison anyway.
    Phase 2.5: You killed the worm poison. The worm will then fire enraged, but it's not very serious. Remount you hp, but do not kill the worm. Take snowbold target on his head, and kill the white to the coup (by giving the DS a few worm regen) is imperative before the start of Phase 3. Once Snowbold death, finish the worm, and hop phase 3.
    Phase 3: N / A. Phase completely free, if you are able so far I have nothing to say. The reason why we must kill the snowbold is that if you have a chance (however small it may be) to stun you when you have to run to dodge the charge, and it's very ugly: \

    Nothing special. Focus the adds when they pop if you're struggling with survival, if not kill just cleave .. the furious is absolutely no problem with stuff correct. Stop all (well almost all) of Jaraxxus bolts, even when you are typing the adds, just put in Jaraxxus / focus. As usual, AMS is preferable to interrupt the extent possible, it saves the RP.

    Jaraxxus HM
    Jaraxxus same as normal, except that it must focus the portals as soon as they pop. It therefore requested to keep in mind the timers, and position themselves accordingly (DRW preferably on the portal of darkness, not the volcano). I did think at the end when threw about to kill him, but positioned against the wall davoir portals that can pop on itself, and avoids trips. But in return we see anything, so I do not know if it's a good idea.

    Faction Champions
    It depends on your stuff. In all cases:
    - MS of the rogue does not apply as long as you have your Blood Shield
    - Avoid at all costs cc preventable style fear priest.
    - Dps dps dps. Either you put the healers oom, which takes about 1:40 of combat if my memory plays me no tricks, you get to be a healer zerg: \ I get there now! Denrier took my kill "only" 6 minutes 32.

    Twin Val'kyr
    Just apply the stratum level 80. Take the balls of the right color, avoid unpleasant. Foresee potential capabilities of the boss (do not be surprised) and be in position to be able to change color if Sampled and destroy any shield. (Example: I'm black, I stand beside the white gate, and vice versa)

    Preamble: It is essential to move Anub'arak under 30% before the third submerged, and add the second before the third phase.
    Phase 1: first add to kill as fast as possible (such as CDs DRW advice, does not add a debuff if you make a parry / dodge), by placing on a sheet of ice so that it s' landfilling in soil. The second add will also be tanked on a sheet of ice, however it can be ignored as Anub'arak is there because Anub burrow soon enough (you'll never be in danger of dying).
    Phase 2: Anub burrows. Finish the add you have left life very quickly, before he cast Submerge a second time. Make a right on kite making Anubis pop full of plates of ice, oneshottez small drones (by hollowing out if possible to take too many stacks of poison, especially on the second phase of burial). And return p1.
    Transition p1 -> p3: is at 30%. It is imperative to add that none is alive at the time, and if possible avoid 435 stacks of poison. Vid on my example, I could spend Anub under 30% before the second submerged, but it would mean to have an add in life, so I slow down my dps and I kill the add. At the exit of subermge idem, I hit the add, and I do not pass then Anubis in phase 3. A transition is correct * essential *
    Phase 3: N / A. DPS is a rush, AMS allows the immune Carrion Swarm of Phase 3. You will always hang out by the force of circumstances to 30% hp (that's just too bad for you either way you go further back). The only thing that can kill you, it's a stun (since you're low hp) .. it is necessary to anticipate them, and slamming a cd preemptively. That's it. Anub died during the second AMS for me, and I'm not sure if the boss mod may provide the stun, I have not used anyway.

    Ice Crown

    Lord Marrowgar
    Tank, dps, heal. Just a furious race against a boss and who types "strong", then "strong," everything is relative, it depends on stuff as usual. A small Patchwerk, in addition to light (thank you buff the ICC)

    Lady Deathwhisper
    In Phase 1, ca pop either left or right. It always starts with the left side. 2 melee and a mage on the left, two mages and a melee on the right.
    It must always be positioned so as to be immediately pops on, even lose dps on Deathwhisper (it's dps returned later, and it is necessary to kill the mages fast enough). Use a boss mod to see the timer pops.
    When pop left just grip the mage and kill him quickly. We must kill the melee, however careful, they will heal according to the damage they inflict. Do not hesitate to use cd like to boost your Blood Vamp absorbed, even if it is not necessary.
    When should pop right grip on the first mage, kill him quickly, then move on and use the second Strangu / AMS not to suffer the curse that it launches (which is horribly boring).
    Deathwhisper can also turn adds to other types of adds:
    - If the mages are processed OSEF, but it means that your DPS is far too light
    - If a melee turns into a skeleton, it becomes intuable (almost immune to physical attacks can be treated by typing +). We must therefore ignore the rest of the fight, it's always free of vengeance.
    - If a melee becomes an abomination, it must be very careful because it hits hard and is therefore even more regen. Cd tries to snap like the DRW burst as soon as possible, it is also possible to kite a bit with chains of ice.
    Heroic mode: the pops are more common in phase 1, it shakes harder, it has more life. Deathwhisper itself has as much mana than normal, but twice as many lives (and therefore longer p2). Finally, still pops appraître (melee or mage, randomly), this time to the stairs at the entrance of the room. Same as in p1 - grip immediately and he must be killed in 2-3 hits grand max.

    Gunship Battle, Deathbringer Saurfang, Festergut
    No soloing for now.

    Cannot wipe here.

    Professor Putricide
    Race against the furious, at least with a small stuff that is mostly ... You have to pop the green areas on the side, they are limited in size and number, this allows davoir then the rest of the room free. So along a wall at first.
    Avoid small bombs that launches throughout the fight, avoid orange vials, in short not to take stupid aoe of the ground, that's all.
    What follows is an extremely risky assertion: the blobs are bugged, ca noticeable at first glance. Sometimes they stop bug and will follow you. Problem: they are 43 instead of coming one by one, which is not really manageable. Therefore AoTD early p3. My hypothesis on how to bug them again is to make them can not go white on someone other than you (ie, a bloodworm, a ghoul, an army of the dead).
    Phase 3 is quite tense at survival, we must always continue to avoid the bombs green.

    Blood Princess

    You should know switch targets easily, that's about all. You must be able to maintain a proper survival without paying any attention to the mobs in themselves, your attention should be directed to the pops of black balls, from a ball will pop over, put him deathcoil, and resume your dps.
    That's about all.
    It's a boss to run, the stratum is simple but many people (aieaieaie mouseclick!) Galèrent above. And for the crafty, not a macro does not work, because there are more black balls of the same name in the room.

    Blood-Queen Lana'thel, Valithria Dreamwalker Unknown
    This part did not translate well. Sorry.

    Simple DPS against the furious rush and against the stack of debuffs in p3. Nothing to say: \

    Lich King
    Disappointing in terms of strata. It's basically a race against the furious and a test of survival, but there is nothing particularly difficult once the criteria and the habit of taking the p1 .. Far from a Yogg, for example.
    Phase 1: You have to always deal with mobs, for obvious reasons, but it costs nothing to remember. Should be used Necrotic Plague of LK to kill ghouls and vrykul. To do this, simply use the cardboard assassin (engineer) that allows you to lose aggro for half a second. LK will do so more primary target and launch the plague on you. We must start the assassin cardboard exactly after the second Infest, not before (in any case before me, it does not work, in others it works.'ll Understand)
    Phase 1 consists of a management Infest despite adds. The first Infest is not a concern, the second either. AMS can be a two-Infest, do AMS course that if hp is below 90%, above the 90% debuff jumps alone. This leaves a period during which AMS is not up, and this is it the habit / instinct. You should plan in advance what will happen to you, depending on your runes, depending on the number of adds available, depending on the chance Necrotic Plague (is she killed all the ghouls, but let the wicked vrykul, or was it smart and killed the vrykul rather than ghouls useless?)
    In short, the anticipation. It should be a slam cd defensive PREVENTION of infection, to be increased to 90% when the cast of the latter. If you slam a cd when you applied to the infestation, it's too late (except for ERW and VB in a very slight extent). As usual, we must prioritize short-cd cd and / or does not impact the cds to heavy dps such as ERW / IBF.
    As for the end of the p1, avoid to resume Necrotic Plague, so watch out for mobs. It is possible to see the graphical model of the Ghouls / vrykul, or to navigate with addons or even just looking at the bars of life. You either AMS (just before the mob is killed by the Plague), or chain of ice on the last mob to take distance. If you get infected again, you should use a Potion Purification (and it will again jump on a mob if available)
    If you are not an engineer, one must engage in combat with the army of the dead, and do nothing while waiting to be infected with Necrotic Plague. But all that is dead ahead at the enraged by that way, at least with the current stuff.
    Phase 1.5: Transition 1, 3 spirits. The key is the DPS on their minds. There is nothing, nothing, nothing more important than the DPS on the spirits. A good DPS (ie up to a stuff) makes the trivial transitions, and these transitions are the difficulty of the fight, either level or level dps survival.
    These spirits are very boring because they are launching a regular silence that prevents slamming the defensive most of the cd. To blow the balls, you can either Pestilence it round and round, or stay on the stairs. The solution of the stairs is "elegant" (I find that completely behind), and certainly easier than going around in circles, but turning is much more optimal in the sense that AC can take less damage balls, and less damage spirits, without sacrificing any DPS.
    Silent, it is, to reiterate, can be started including Blood Tap, Outbreak, ERW.
    Phase 2: The beginning of Phase 2 is the cause of the most common wipe, in direct competition with the end of the second transition course. You always have a spirit on the head, little hp (in theory), and LK coming back. Infest and LK launches. You must anticipate this and Infest AMS above.
    Imperative. The silence is boring, yes, but you should anticipate as well. It takes less time than the AMS, it is possible to AMS even before the silence is started while you are in the right timing for Infest.
    Generally, the spirit is dead for the second infestation, or is still alive, with little pv.

    Do me a favor and don't correct my spelling/grammar. I browse this site with a cell phone. Try harder next time to be an ass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZenX View Post
    Good job on using the google translator, it may do a great job at translating from English to French, doesn't do the same for French to English...
    I was surprised on how well it worked tbh. Some of it was messed up, but after reading it about 3-4 times, I understood it and made it into english. Haha. I just hope Mionelol is happy i took on the burden. I'm well aware there are mistakes on this guide, but hopefully she will correct them.

    Do me a favor and don't correct my spelling/grammar. I browse this site with a cell phone. Try harder next time to be an ass.

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    Brilliant, read through the whole guide and it makes me wanna log on my Death Knight right now and try to solo some of those bosses out =). Sadly he is main specced dps and the only tanking gears I have are the Zandalari 353's and a few odd 359 pieces that I use for fast dungeon queues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mionelol View Post
    It's honestly not doable to translate it through Google. Half those sentences are not correct, tell something entirely different from what I'm saying initially, or just don't make sense (thanks google)

    I should have been translating it since quite some time now (and I promised I would do it), but I'm lazy.
    I think I sort of hit the nail on the head for most.

    Exceptions being like yogg, lich kings, etc... I haven't even touched those yet. The guide will get better until you post your official English version, which I'm dieing to see.

    For now this is better then nothing. Thanks again, and hopefully I did not offend you.

    Do me a favor and don't correct my spelling/grammar. I browse this site with a cell phone. Try harder next time to be an ass.

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    I'm sorry, I really mean no offense, but that is barely readable. I just spent the past 15 minutes trying to figure out what you were talking about on the Lady Vashj fight, and couldn't. I commend you for taking the time to make this though, I'm sure it took forever, it's a huge guide! And I'm sure if I could read it, it would be extremely helpful, too.

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    Like I stated I will be updating the guide, lich king, yogg, vash etc. I havent even touched those sections yet. I will be finishing the guide saturday or sunday.

    Do me a favor and don't correct my spelling/grammar. I browse this site with a cell phone. Try harder next time to be an ass.

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    So, whats the gear for solo ? DPS gear or TANK gear ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alderion View Post
    So, whats the gear for solo ? DPS gear or TANK gear ?
    If I had to guess, mostly dps gear just to beat enrage timers.

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    Mione I have a question
    I try to solo Gurtogg. Tried with blood shield stacking, but when he starts to disorient me - I loose my shield, start taking dots, and soon it's overwhelming me. When I get first few stacks of Acidic Wound it quickly goes to over 30..
    Now, If i get your tutorial right, you say to do nothing untill fel rage - then let your ghoul tak aggro so you have the rage. But when I try it boss just eats me before the rage and If I try to attack him, my ghoul won't take aggro.. Am I missing something (though I tried this tactics only 3 times so far)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nangz View Post
    If I had to guess, mostly dps gear just to beat enrage timers.
    hm, and stam gems or mastery gems ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nangz View Post
    If I had to guess, mostly dps gear just to beat enrage timers.
    Depends on the fight really. Certain fights (Marrowgar for example, Patchwerk as well) require more Tank gear than DPS gear in order to survive. Some fights (Saurfang) require more DPS gear in order to beat the enrage timer and kill certain adds that may spawn. Some fights though require a balance between the two in order to survive.

    Most of the time though, I've found that you can roll with Tank gear. I always keep my DPS set in my bags just in case though ^_^

    Quote Originally Posted by Alderion View Post
    hm, and stam gems or mastery gems ?
    I like using whatever meets my bonuses on gear as usual personally, although on some fights its useful to have a really high Bloodshield (Razuvious, Saurfang again). There are times when I've used strength gems in my Tank gear though in order to gain a bit of DPS without sacrificing suvivability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mionelol View Post
    aotd for 40~ or so seconds, then wait a little, then ghoul.
    I tried it and tbh I must be doing something wrong.. I pop my army, then waited till the DBM meter shows it's off CD - I pop my ghoul, boss engages him but doesn't cast fel rage..
    Then I tried to pop ghoul a few secs before the CD on Fel Rage - still same effect.
    Tried to wait till I get 5 blood boil - stil nothing..

    In the end I managed to get him down after upping my mastery and HP and just shield stacking from start. And at about 30% HP he distracted me, changed to my ghoul (or my bloodworm, I'm not sure) and randomly cast Fel Rage on me O_O still I'm confused how this mechanic works and when he fires it o_O

    I also attempted Reliquiary and.. damn it's impossible XD tried it with my DK and my Lock and my pet just dies after few spirit shocks..

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    Terrific guide, very thourough of how to kill the bosses. Thanks for making me some gold.

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    Reliquary of Souls needs to be done in Unholy spec and the pet must be on the bottom of the boss zone (out of LOS) in stay mode.
    You need to go to the top (where all the ghosts are) and tank/dps the boss there. Glyph of Dark Succor is a must.
    Basically, the boss will bounce between you and your pet allowing you to have a few seconds of dps and to be able to kill ghosts so you can DS and heal you.
    The fight it's not hard but it's really long (15+ minutes).

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    Good job on the guide translation (French is my first language and Mione's guide is written with a lot of familiar words and even some "slang")

    There is still some tweaking required on your end but it's a good start.

    For people wondering what "stuff" stands for; it is gear.

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    Thanks for translating this! Glad to see that it's on MMOC in public now.

    It will be nice to get a solid list of soloable bosses going and a place where people can work together to find out different ways to do them! Hopefully this will spark a little more imagination in the DK community. It seems to of dried up quite a bit these days :P

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