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    Do you brush your teeth twice a day?

    Well do you?
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    Poll and yes, and brushing twice a day aint enough, floss mr jackson. Oh and mouth wash.

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    The Patient
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    Yes, poll por favor

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    Yes. Sometimes I miss brushing Sunday morning, but meh. Gum is where it's at.

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    I'm about a 80% of the time brusher in the morning, usually while the shower is heating up. Sometimes I use tooth paste, sometimes just quick brush. Sometimes I get a mouth full of mouthwash and get into the shower, swish until I can't stand it anymore, then spit it out in the shower.

    I don't really floss that much, only when something is really bugging me.

    So no, I don't brush twice per day. I brush once per day, in the morning, and even that's not 100%.

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    I usually only brush once a day but I use mouth wash twice. I never have time to brush at night because frankly, I suck at managing time. But mouthwash is quicker and I hate sleeping without a minty taste in my mouth.

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    Yep, brush twice a day, floss before bedtime and listerine before bed when I remember.

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    Mostly yes, sometimes I'm too tired at the evening and go to bed without brushing though. I've never flossed in my life though but I usually brush very carefully and for 5 minutes.
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    I give my mouth the full treatment every morning. I sometimes brush at night, but usually just mouthwash before bed.

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    I usually brush once a day with 2 mouthwashes.

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    I used to be really bad about it, did a rough brushing once a day and flossed once in a blue moon. Last year I went to a new dentist and found out from x-rays that my old dentist was extremely lazy. I had about 9 cavities, 2 of which ended up as root canals. With only 2000 in dental insurance, I ended up having to pay nearly 2000 out of pocket to fix all my problems.

    Now I do my best to brush twice a day, plus mouthrinse twice a day and floss once a day.

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    I brush twice day, floss once a day. I've never had any dental problems, aside from plaque.

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    ^^^ My fiance is the same, but he doesn't even floss. He brushes once a day, and I can tell he gets a lot of plaque and tartar, but he never had cavities. I don't get it.

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    Usually, but I've never had any dental problems. Ever. And I don't plan on it.

    *knocks on wood*

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    needed a as long as I am not passed out drunk option

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    I have a dentist's appointment on Monday, so at the moment I'm brushing my teeth 8 times a day.
    If I'm going to the dentist then by God I will deserve those stickers!

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    Yes, because it only takes 2 minutes, and it's kind of disgusting if you don't. And the "I don't have enough time" argument is invalid.
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    I only brush my teeth when I know I'll be in the presence of other living humans. Otherwise I don't see the point. Never had dental problems except once, but that was because I chipped a tooth when I removed another while changing my milk teeth when I was young(no clue how I did it).

    Also, Bucharest tap water contains florum, one of those things found in toothpaste, so if I drink enough it seems to work till now.

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