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    Computer can't turn on

    Title pretty much says it all. My computer is pretty good and about 11 months old, i've never had any problem with it before. This problem occured today when i tried to turn it on. The night before i had gamed for 17 hours straight atleast.
    i'm a total nub at Computers so i hope someone here can help me out. The problem is that when i try to turn it on the power light will flash for less than a second and nothing will happen.
    One second, let me get my tinfoil hat

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    Could be a bad motherboard, could be the power supply. Is your computer a prebuilt, and if so, it should still be just inside the 1 year warranty.

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    My old box does this sometimes. unplug it from the wall, hold the power button for ~5 seconds, then plug it back in and try again. I think it's something with built up charge from shoddy components. Worth a try at least

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    I'm going with a bad power supply. I seem to have bad luck from them the most.

    You could rule out power issues too if you have a voltmeter to check your AC lines (brownout conditions, or too high), just to rule that out, or try a different socket entirely.

    Does the light come on everytime you try? That's just to rule out a residual charge leftover that you saw.

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    Is your computer plugged right into the wall, or is it plugged into a surge protector? I had a friend who had his computer plugged right into the wall, and a giant thunderstorm made his power flick on and off really fast for like 30 seconds, and after that his PSU was fried, if none of that happened, then i would check the PSU, gaming for almost 20 hours non stop might of made it fry...

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    I had the same problem today, and I think it's PSU as it was in my case. I was playing around a little bit to rule some things out and was almost sure that it was PSU and... it was. GL

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