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    WoW file is 54GB, need help on what I can remove!!

    hello forum,

    I noticed today that my WoW files is 54GB instead of what is supposed to be mid 20's including all expansions up to cata. I ran into some weird files under the "Movies" folder within the main WoW folder and was wondering if these can be removed. The "Movies" folder is 18GB large and all the files are taken or "modified" on the same date within 40m of eachtother and are labeled .wvd files from Thunder Bluff. Secondly, can you remove old patch/downloader files from 2.0 and 3.0 ? ANY feed back would be great and appreciated!

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    All patch files can be deleted np - they can take up a lot of space!

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    Can delete patches, everything in old update and updates directories.

    There's no such thing as .wvd video files, those can be deleted too. No clue what made the files. All WoW cinematics are under data\interface\cinematic and the large files should have .mpq extension.
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    patches, screenshots, cache folder, mods
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    Delete old patches, catch and the movies.

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    can 1 of you guys be a little more specific on what files to delete?i dont want to delete the wrong ones.maybe you can list the file extensions that the files are in that can be deleted.ty

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    You can delete everything in World of Warcraft\Data\Cache. This should clear up most of the space.
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    until you next load the game, and that 12 gig file you deleted it recreated as a 9 gig file at least

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    any file with patch in the title.
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    my guess for the movies-folder: you play on a mac. the mac version of wow support movie-recording without external tools like fraps, and <wow folder>\Movies\ is the default path to save those movies to. sounds like you enabled the recording by accident. i dont know what format .wvd indicates, but the extension is used at some stage during the recording/compressing process of the integrated recording function. you can safely delete those files.

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    Blue post: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1764407164#2
    In addition to that, you can also delete the Cache folder in the Data folder.

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