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    Overheating Problems

    My computer seems to be having some overheating problems. Wow will randomly go down to 1-2 Fps, and absolutely can't run. It used to happen, but just suddenly stopped. It's starting again and I have to put an ice-pack on it to keep it cool. It's just incredibly annoying and I was wondering if there is anything I can do to fix this without spending any money. Thanks!

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    clean it on the inside... for a beginning
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    My bet is that its full of dust. Clean it and try again.
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    Sounds like how my laptop used to be, the problem as most has told is dust inside your computer, if you have a desktop this is easy to clean up (Just be very careful).

    If you got a laptop instead, you may think you got a problem as you can't open up your computer that easy, but hey, it's cool!

    Go buy a can of presurised air, and spray it into your opening for your fan (While the computer is offline), this will make all dust fly out clean it up pretty well
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    Alrighty I'll give this a shot. Thanks guys! (It was a Laptop btw)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alahondor View Post
    Alrighty I'll give this a shot. Thanks guys! (It was a Laptop btw)
    Hehe, the whole "I had to put an ice-pack on it" concept would have gotten a lot more interesting if it wasn't.

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