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    Good laptop hard drives? (getting a larger one for my MacBook Pro)

    My Macbook Pro has a 250GB hard drive in it atm, which is starting to get uncomfortably full. As much as I'd like an SSD in it for all the bonuses that they give, especially when used in laptops, I need more storage space, and I'm not buying a 500+ GB SSD (and I actually use my DVD drive, so I can't put a second HDD in that bay, though I have thought about it)

    I am familiar with what the good lines of desktop 3.5" HDDs are, but what about 2.5" laptop drives? I'm looking for at least 500GB of space. Also, how much of a power draw difference would there be between a 5400RPM drive (what's currently in the macbook) vs a 7200RPM drive? The main thing I use the laptop for is audio processing and editing/recording, and larger sessions sometimes take a long time to open, so it'd be nice having the faster drive (assuming it won't drain the power too quickly, 90% of the time the laptop is plugged into power, but I do use it from time to time on the battery)

    Anyways, thanks in advance

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    The 7200 RPM does use slightly more power than a 5400 RPM, but it mostly negligible. Anyways, the speed difference is certainly worth it.

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    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16822152291 Is a good option. It's 5400 RPM, but it's got decent space and it's fast for a 2.5"

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