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    Shadow Priests ~ Are you guys having mana issues?

    I see a lot of complaints about the two piece on multiple forums... And i'm having trouble believing that people actually need the SW Masochism for mana back. When i'm shadow in raids (Which is currently around half the fights) I never have any mana issues, and never have to SW unless moving before execute range. The only time i get masochism procs are because of unavoidable raid damage, or when i'm in execute range. The only possibilities i could possibly see for having issues with mana is if i'm forced to shield my self consistantly to help out my fellow healers, which is unnessisary on the large majority of fights, but even then you're taking so much damage that masochism should already be giving tons of mana back.

    Just tested on a target dummy, and buff less i was able to do my full rotation for 10 million damage before running out of mana. With mana back from raid damage i can't imagine having to do more then that even on an extremely long encounter.

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    Oh fights where there are lots of multidotting (which there aren't many of in the current tier) yes you absolutely can run into mana issues.

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    No, because I use SW: D to gain mana.

    I struggle with mana on fights with lots of multidotting (ryolith springs to mind for this tier)
    Also We'll be losing the reduced CD on shadowfiend which will have a negative impact on our mana. (on the other hand we'll also have more mana)
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    It's situational. Sometimes I find myself going oom in 2nd transition H Rag, or from AoEing the seeds with Mind Sear. I don't go oom from something as basic and straightforward as Baleroc.

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    Heroic Rhyolith is the only fight where I feel I have mana issues, but it's not so bad.
    Any heavy use of mind sear and/or huge multi-doting and it can be an issue.
    Also Spirit tap glyph doesn't proc off of rhyo's adds

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    blizzard wouldn't create a two piece to render a talent useless. The people QQ'ing cannot be that ignorant. It will probably just make the damage taken back an absorb or it will just come back -0 damage but still register as damage so the talent is still useful. I personally use it on my alt in decent gear and I can't ever see it not being a useful talent to be honest.

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    I guarantee they will rework the bonus to allow masochism to function if the general premise for the bonus stays the same.

    As for your question though, I could certainly see myself needing to more properly manage mana on Beth, Rhy and Rag if masochism was taken out of the equation.

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    heroic ragnaros p2-p3 transition and ryolith are two fights i run into minor mana issues, i solve it by dispersing if i get a blazing heat debuff if it's insanely necessary (can't start the meteor phase without mana, and dispersing while running around on that fight seems the best time to do it) or sw:d on cooldown for 2-4 times. on ryolith i solve this by double sw:d on smallest adds below 25%.

    edit: also keep in mind that on heavy movement fights like rag heroic, i use sw:d on every cooldown while running unless i'm dangerously low by random damage (transition phases random damage is the best example). that's 10% mana gain every now and then that I don't even do intentionally. Removing that from the equation, i can guarantee going oom much sooner and often than before. movement heavy fights also means you'll be using dp a lot, which is a heavy mana cost ability.
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    Never had mana issues as shadow priest, but i have only done minor raiding and hc's so dont know if theres issues in higher raids

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    I only have mana issues on Beth'tilac, but that's because of heavy AoE and dots. Also used to have issues on Magmaw as well, also because of AoE. That's about it though. I'm pro enough to recover mana to full.
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    H Rhy is really it. With t12 2p and masochism, its hardly ever an issue.
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