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    Red face Strangest places you have woken up at?

    For me its the following:

    Woken up in the bathtub
    Woken up in the closet
    Woken up in the Police holding cells
    In year 7 i woke up next a camp fire and a tree

    Thats a few of mine
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    Sprawled out in the middle of a friend of a friend's house when I don't remember going there in the first place (then again I guess that's obvious since the thread title says "strangest").
    Bathtub also actually!
    On top of a friend on another friend's couch when I was sure I was on the couch alone before I passed out.

    Probably a lot I'm leaving out.

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    Used to sleepwalk, so id end up waking in places all around the house. Thats about it though.

    Woke up in class some years ago after not sleeping the night before about 10 minutes after school was over.

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    On the floor in the computer room when I was like 12; stayed up all night playing Maplestory, HAH! XD

    Edit: Looking back, I do believe I actually slept in the computer chair once too
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    Under my bed. I can only assume that I fell off in the middle of the night and rolled under it in my sleep. I bet that's not the weirdest place, but it's the weirdest place I can remember right now.

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    In an elevator. (Not joking)
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    No where interesting sadly. I sort of miss being a kid and falling asleep anywhere and waking up in my bed.

    I did fall asleep while doing the dirty by myself a couple weeks ago, that was weird...

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    Has anyone else every decided to have a late night poop and wake up the next morning on the toilet? I have done it twice as a kid. When I wake up on the toilet I have dirty feet, and my neck hurts. I haven't really woken up in outside of an area at least two feet within where I went to sleep. So since I don't sleep in weird places I don't wake up in weird places.
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    A random scotsmans flat.

    I had gone to Edinburgh to visit a friend and got lost on a very drunken night. My phone battery was dead, I couldn't find my friends and I didn't know the name of the place I was staying to get a taxi. I wandered around for a while before passing out by the side of the road. Eventually this guy helped me up and had a spare room with a bed that I slept on.

    He woke me up at around 7am because he had to work, so I followed and talked to him on his way to work, and luckily his route took me right past my friends apartment. I banged on his window and eventually he woke up and let me in.

    It was a pretty good night all in all.
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    Bathroom stall at popeyes chicken after it closed

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    My couch in the livingroom at 3 AM.

    I'm not a very interesting or sleepy person.

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    one summer, I worked at Cedar Point (for those not from Ohio, it's a giant collection of roller coasters) I was home visiting my folks on a day off once, and fell asleep sitting on the couch, fully clothed, including my glasses, shoes, watch, and baseball hat. the look on my mother's face the next morning was priceless...

    for the first few days I was working there it felt weird waking up in my room at the dorm; I had spent nights away from home before that, but this was the first time it weirded me out for whatever reason...
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    I've never forgotten how I've gotten to places but I've allways wondered wtf was I thinking.

    A bathtub
    A pile of gravel at a construction site
    A car parking building
    A car (My car was 10 metres away)

    And so on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digglett View Post
    No where interesting sadly. I sort of miss being a kid and falling asleep anywhere and waking up in my bed.

    I did fall asleep while doing the dirty by myself a couple weeks ago, that was weird...
    I thought that was supposed to get you hungry not sleepy.

    Never gone to sleep or woken up anywhere interesting so got nothing to add.
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    At quassy amusement park <It's a park in connecticut> I was so excited i didn't sleep the night b4 i slept the ride there and was awake the whole day, Don't remeber a thing.

    Standing up at the cash register at work < when i was a cashier>
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    An internet Cafe. They were doing a 30 hour marathon thing for the release of Wrath of the Lich king. Needless to say i fell asleep around 5am
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    in a linen closet with some tighty whiteys on (i wear boxer briefs, no clue, i might have been raped)

    i don't drink nowadays

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    a nasty apartment in bangkok with some naked asian guy

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    When I was a kid growing up in Maryland my dad used to take me to AA meetings with him occasionally. At one meeting, this dude got up and told his story. Basically he went out drinking one night in Virginia, and blacked out. When he woke up, he was lying on a bench in Orly fucking Airport in France.

    As for me, I'd say the bathroom at the Green Goose, a bar in Wurzburg Germany that has since closed. Since I stopped drinking myself I really don't wake up in odd places anymore...
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    Under my bed, in between my mattress and box spring, on my kitchen counter, on a pile of dirty clothes in my laundry room, on top of the coffee table in my living room, and in my hamper. I think I sleep walk or something. Not sure how I'd get between my mattress and box spring though, lol. Mine feel tame as hell compared to most of the others though.

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