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    I used to sleep walk when I was little.. I once found myself taking a piss in my closet. And once outside of my door (I lived in an apartment.)

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    one night, I went to bed. Then when I woke up, I had turned around 180 degrees wtf
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    in my wardrobe ..

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    Being buried from the waist down at the beach after a night of partying. Don't even ask.

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    Nothing extraordinary or amazing, I just found myself under my bed once, I must have fell out of it and then rolled under it.

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    I haven't went and got myself intoxicated on anything that'd give me a crazy story, but I do recall once waking up on the floor next to my bunk bed. somehow I managed to roll out and hit my head on the wood floor without instantly waking up. Woke up going "huh, my head hurts a bit, why am I on the floor?

    so that's...
    -wake up
    -roll a bit
    -fall a good 6 feet onto wood
    -wake up at an undetermined point after, very, very confused.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digglett View Post
    I did fall asleep while doing the dirty by myself a couple weeks ago, that was weird...
    I do that all the time. Specially when I'm tired and stressed. Finish up, 15 minute nap, wake up, put pants back on. It's good to relax.

    On topic, sometimes I take shameless naps in the bathroom at work. My schedule doesn't leave much time for proper sleeping. Waking up on a bathroom stall is a bit confusing at times. u_u

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    1st: Naked in a strangers bathtub with melted caramel all over my feet.

    Honorable mention: In a ditch with about 50 ant bites and covered in vomit.

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    Woke up at home once... it was weird.

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    I never sleepwalked nor did I ever get drunk causing me to pass out but I have woken up in semi-weird places due to falling asleep REALLY easily (even when not sleepy). I remember this time when I was 12 ish and my parents had gone off to the cinema and left me with my brother (he's younger), when they got back I woke up on top of the living room table. Not sure how I even got there and my brother was too busy playing megadrive to notice the person sleeping on the table between him and the television.

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    i felt a sleep at my house door with the keys inserted...what a fail

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    on a flight of stairs rofl

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    Anywhere outside my man cave.

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    after reading this i got a conclusion stop drink or smoke joints or whatever... LOL be healthy, since i became airline pilot student i quited everything and guess what???!!! i still have fun and energy

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddiehunter View Post
    after reading this i got a conclusion stop drink or smoke joints or whatever... LOL be healthy, since i became airline pilot student i quited everything and guess what???!!! i still have fun and energy
    Whatever works for you man. As long as you are happy, no one can tell you otherwise.

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    its just a tought but anyone is free to do what they want i do not descriminate no one

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    Happened once in past... alcohol may have had some influence, the ones that came in mind
    in some crouched position in the middle of sidewalk
    in the house of my friend's parents, where nobody was home (except me)
    numerous times fully dressed from various places and in various positions on floor

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    Never had anything of the sort happen to me, but I have had something else (that is possibly even more disturbing) happen.

    There was this one time, four years ago, where me and about a dozen other kids went to another town for some activity. I remember sitting at a dorm, and while there were few rooms available, they were all pretty big, so we ended up having about 4 kids in a room.
    After waking up one day (it was a week long trip) the others told me that I couldn't let them sleep because I was...sleepsinging. What's worse is that some other guy joined in about 5 minutes after I started sleeping...and he was asleep too.
    How that managed to happen is, to this day, a complete mistery, lol.

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