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    Im pretty tame. The strangest place i have woken up was my floor after i fell out of bed. Yup, im that hardcore.

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    Naked in the broom-closet of a rest-area's laundry-room, miles from where I was supposed to be.
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    woke up in the back of my friends trunk(that wasnt fun i thought i was being kidnaped) turn out to be a suprise party
    woke up sleeping in my dogs bed, and my dog was sleeping on my bed.

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    Woke up in the middle of the woods with no shoes, not that weird, but it was a long way home.

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    nice thread. Hilarious!
    Last time i woke up was at friends basement.

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    Not crazy but woke up home while not knowing how I even got there... Only thing I remember was taking a ride with pure strangers. They were really nice! I think... =|

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    Quote Originally Posted by pickley View Post
    Im pretty tame. The strangest place i have woken up was my floor after i fell out of bed. Yup, im that hardcore.
    Damn son! I WANT TO PARTY WITH YOU!!!!!1!!11!!!1!

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    Some examples:

    Shower (leaning against the wall).
    Against my mates front door from about 4 am till 11 am. People on the street pitied me.
    Next to my bed, with only my pants, 1 shoe, no socks and no sweater on. Prolly the reason why I had my keyes, phone and wallet ducktaped to my waist.
    In the wrong hotelroom. For some reason, my doorpass worked on the entire hall.

    I'm still drinking beer.

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    Oh, and in the garden of my parents house. That's the only 1 I really was like, "que?", since I didn't have 1 drop of alcohol the previous night.

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    was the after party to my yr 12 valedictory, we went to a friends place and just got absolutely shit faced, i woke up in the morning sleeping on time of a book on the floor... i asked wtf happened, as it turned out some other drunken idiot decided to start reading but because he was so drunk he kept slurring his words, aparently i then got pissedoff with him pushed him over took the book off him and then continued to read it 0.o
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    at a party i could of sworn i went into my tent n someone was in there turns out i crawled into my exs tent that was an interesting morning cause she woke up first

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    And this is why I don't drink. :P

    I always wake up in my big bed with my husband snuggling me. ^_^

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    Half-way down a cliff.

    And that's true story and it's not that I fell and was unconsious I climbed there with some holiday fling and actually slept there. Damn, I was weird when I was young..

    Ow, and the nastiest place was with my head inside a random person's toilet with vomit on/in it and my hair all over/in it. Same age as the above :/
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