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    Gear decision for healing priest.

    Hello fellow priestess/priests. I'm freshly registered on this great forum i've been reading for a long time.
    I came to a dillema while deciding between t12 tier and off-set pieces. Again I'd like to point out i'm new here, and couldn't find similar thread to ask about gear without commenting on previous players ( rate priest above- like threads)
    I have both discipline and holy specs and I'm looking for general item upgrades for both specs. I can't post armory yet, but i'm mostly ZA/ZG and t11 geared, with t12 chest and legs.
    Character name : Litania
    Server: Eonar - EU

    I have 1660 VP this week, and i was wondering if it is worth spending points on t12 gloves ( upgrade over t11 healing gloves) or should i buy necklace/ring/wand now and another item from those three mentioned next week when i get enough points. ( ring upgrade from 353 ZA/ZG ring) .
    I haven't been raiding recently because I couldn't find free time, but now I will start progressing through firelands.
    By my logic i should buy ring/necklace/wand with ring being highest upgrade atm, and wait with hands, because i don't have guaranteed 4th tier piece dropped next week.
    Sorry for wall of text, i appreciate anyone who took time and read it and i welcome any advice.

    Sincerely, Litania

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    As you have 2x t12 already and probably won't get the shoulders/head anytime soon, you should definitively upgrade your 353 pieces first imo

    Also, you can get your third t12 from BH if you're lucky.

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    Depending on your type of spec, disc can use haste. If you use a hastebuild (which I do atm for several reasons in fl) then the gloves are so good. U dont wanna wait with getting those.
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    As a holy priest, I avoided the ring and instead got the neck/bracer/wand. 5/5 T12 is the way to go as there are no other off pieces in FL with spirit. Also, I recommend the JP ring with spirit/mastery over the spirit/crit VP one.

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    The random stats helm from Lord can have spirit on it. I've got one with int/spi/hst myself.

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    All 5 tier pieces for healing priest are viable options for both healing specs. I would not reccoment upgrading a wand until last because range weapon slot offers the lowest stat upgrades ilvl-ilvl.

    Buying a ring upgrade isn't a bad idea but unless you reallllly need an upgrade right away I would hold out and bank valor until to see if you can get lucky with BH and or get one of the tier tokens from FL in chich case buying gloves would give you 4 pc. If you will not be killing domo or rage then I would definatly buy the ring if it's the bigger upgrade although you can always tie yourself over with a 359 JP ring instead.

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    Im also a disc priest and i went for Jaws + Necromantic focus. The mastery bonus is just awesome and since my holyfire is a DoT and i usually throw out a dot on bosses i can't use AA on just to keep the extra mastery going..It's been suggested to be BiS for disc if you can keep it up

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