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    Spartacus, its amazing

    i had other suggestions but they seem to have been covered by others.

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    House (one of the best series I've ever seen)
    How I met your mother 'funny as hell)
    Big Bang Theory

    And heard lots of good about Dexter as well, but haven't seen that yet

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    Behind you, what I'm not? Then who's this person I'm behind?
    Supernatural - It's just not about ghosts.
    The Borgias - The sopranos, but in the 17th century.
    American Dad - It's the opposite of Family Guy in that while Family Guy's episodes have been getting worse lately, American Dad's episodes in contrasts have been getting much better lately.

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    Jericho is good

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    I don't watch our TV at all but I always make time those couple hours (literally) every week to watch new episodes of US shows. Often better than regular movies tbh.

    Watched all existing episodes of:
    Boardwalk Empire
    Glee, Gossip Girl - both of these were a result of me being bored during summer but I kept on watching, they are mostly funny
    How I Met Your Mother - really bad recently... But it was the 1st show I started watching online like 6 years ago so I kinda still do.
    House - truly amazing, there is like 7th season and its still great if not better
    Lie to me
    Rules of Engagement - funnier version of HIMYM which turned into something... weird lately
    Scrubs - shame it ended with that last crappy "new and improved" season
    Prison Break
    The Big Bang Theory - American IT Crowd, not too bad.
    The Sopranos - best show of all times
    Two And A Half Men - last couple seasons with Charlie vs. Alan, Jake, Evellyn all the time... Priceless imo. Probably finished though.
    Californication - kinda meh, I don't buy it much while it's probably supposed to be serious but it has some moments

    Could recommend everything listed above, seriously.

    I really hate anything even slightly touched by scifi, I find it incredibly stupid, that's also why I stopped watching Lost, in the beggining there was barely any scifi except for some remarks and towards the end... Meh, crazy town.

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    My favs:

    - Scrubs
    - Supernatural
    - Grey's Anatomy

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    Big Bang Theory is definitely awesome. And, since we are in mmo-champion ( World of Waraft ), the story about the hack of sheldon's account is quite funny.

    They stole everything Leonard ! Everything !
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    House is good, like many others here have stated yet, the 4400 was entertaining, though I stopped watching at a certain point. I watched the entire series of Lost, but you might lose interest quickly because it's so farfetched and overstretching(at least according to me). Hmm, I've always liked Friends and Heroes too, so maybe you'll like these I like Grey's Anatomy a lot too, though GA does aim for a feminine audience I guess ^^

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    I have to watch House. That's my man.
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    Nurse Jackie
    Make it or Break it
    Pretty Little Liars

    I have to 2nd the 'Walking Dead' suggestion, only a few episodes but very good.

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    - fringe.
    - sons of anarchy.
    - true blood.
    - spartacus. (any)

    Game of Thrones started recently... looks nice also

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    my two faves are Firefly (an action sci-fi western, and one of the stars you will also recognize as a star of the Terminator tv show)

    and Arrested Development (comedy).

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    Stargateuniverse 2 episodes left hopefully a channel with a smart viewer base will pick this up
    The walking dead

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    Chuck!! Don´t come back here until you watched every single episode :P

    The Big Bang Theory is awesome aswell, like sevenbug said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nab View Post
    Doctor who - Best series ever, you'll love it.
    Ah yeah that as well :P

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    i have a few
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    alot of the shows mentioned are very good.
    I reccomend Dollhouse (great sci-fi series with 2 seasons and a proper ending)
    and the 2 seasons of spartacus, its not a documentary but an action serie based on the story of spartacus. Its one of the bloodiest and raw series ive seen aired on TV, so if you dont live alone i would reccomend locking the door because of the brutal nature of the show.
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    I cannot believe that nobody haven't mentioned the best show ever!

    Psych...! I mean It's so funny that I can't drink when I'm watching it because everytime I try to drink I burst into laugh and I spill the drink, I mean seriously this is the best show ever made.

    Psych. I tell you watch it.

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    Batman with Adam West

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    Supernatural ,True blood, Prison Break, Spartacus: Blood and Sand and Spartacus : Gods of the arena

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