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    Expired mouthwash... Can I still use it or throw it away?

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    Listerine did start making a non-alcohol mouthwash, you saw correctly.

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    Its like.. 2$ a bottle. Best to just toss it and not worry about if it is or isn't still good.

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    there is an expiration date for a reason

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    Should be alright, might taste a little different. It won't be as effective though. Wouldn't recommend it if it were like 2+ years old though

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    Haha, off-topic indeed!

    OT, if it was me, I wouldn't use it. Couldn't be arsed to worry afterwards whether it was a good thing to do or not. And it's not as if it's expensive either, as posted above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harpocrates View Post
    there is an expiration date for a reason
    well, there are a bunch of medicinal drugs that we can use after the expiration date

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorlakand View Post
    well, there are a bunch of medicinal drugs that we can use after the expiration date
    Beer is good after the expiration date in most cases as well (as long as it hasn't been exposed to heat/sun). It's just a safety precaution. If it has alcohol in it, id say you are ok.
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    I wouldn't worry about if it is safe. Most cases like these, the expiration date signals when the original active ingredient has decayed to a different chemical. It's probably harmless, since the active ingredient is always decaying, even before the expiration. The expiration date just marks when most/all of the active ingredient is no longer good.

    So, it's probably going to be ineffective at serving as mouthwash, but it should be safe. You're better off buying new mouthwash if you want it to protect your teeth.

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    Mouthwash expires?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whisperawr View Post
    Mouthwash expires?
    My thoughts exactly.

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    a liquid that is made to kill germs should have a shelf life of damn near infinity.
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    idk if it was actually working or just tasted minty still but ive used listerine that was months and months expired that my parents had at their house when i went to visit one weekend. seemed to work fine tho, i didnt really have any complaints that i was stinking up the room lol

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    I'd use it it's not like you are drinking it. I don't see any harm it could cause you. The main reason it probably even has an expiration date is because they want you to buy more.

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    I used a mouthwash that was like five years old and there was nothing wrong at all with that one, didn't feel bad or get ill or anything and it worked like a charm. It did have alcohol in it though!

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    tbh i didnt even know mouthwash had expiry date....

    that stuff must last quite a while, whats it been doing until then :P i probably wouldnt risk it, its like £1 for a bottle of cheap mouthwash, i would just go buy a new one.

    you could google it and check if its safe or not.
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    Isn't that the Walmart off-brand?

    Anyway, I have a 48oz bottle of the same stuff (citrus flavor) and it cost me $3... I'd say avoid the risk and buy a new one.

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    I wouldnt use it. Im not an expert or anything but i remember hearing that usually stuff in plastic bottles (like bottled water) expires not because the product is no good but because the plastic in the bottle starts to break down and get into the product or something like that. who knows why they put a date on it but it must be there for some reason. Honestly how important can it be that you risk it anyways?

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