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    A kudos to this blue poster.

    This thread pretty much angered me.
    I'm glad at how the forum mod handled that issue. I really feel bad for the customer service rep getting pestered by a player like that.
    Geez man, this world. Sometimes... sometimes I don't believe I know anyone anymore.

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    Vrakthris (the mod in question) tends to do that quite often. It is indeed pleasant to watch.

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    Yes, I do enjoy him.

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    It sure is a refreshing change to the often silly / sarcastic responses they give.

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    Seriously I have opened like maybe 5 tickets ever, in like 4 years or so. How the hell do you open that many tickets? Sounds like he should be playing another game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bahamuto View Post
    Sounds like he should be playing another game.
    Wonder what he's like in the real world...

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    450 tickets? The boy is either a master troll, professional pain in the ass, or a dung-tossing primate. Then again, why compromise? All three needn't be mutually exclusive, and exist together in harmony among people I stumble across every day.
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    wow!! all gotta say is his job must royally suck with jerks like that.
    I imagine the help queues will go down big time after he quits the game.

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    Seems to me that this guys problems extend far beyond WoW and yeah I can only imagine what he's like irl... but every business have one or more of these nuts.

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    Those 28 are amongst over 450 petitions submitted over the last 2 years alone

    Holy Shit now we know why tickets take so long people like this idiot
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    that was a pleasant read i'm glad the way Vrakthris handle that situation like that.
    My mind escapes me.

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    This caught my eye too, and I, too, am impressed with the response and how the situation was handled. Kudos to Vrakthris.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khazard View Post
    Wonder what he's like in the real world...
    He's probably your normal average quiet person. It's when he gets online when he turns into a total prick. The anonymity does wonders for his ego.

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    Indeed kudos to Vrakthris, but seriously, 450 tickets?? He needs to be banned for abusing the ticket system or something. There must be some screws loose, to put it nicely.

    Reminds me of the time someone claimed they lost their epic flying skill after a server reset and the blue completely destroyed him with facts showing he'd never ever owned anything near 5000 gold...
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    That Vrakthris dude deserves my respect, if i were him i would call that guy a troll, and tell him to go f*** off and suck a donkey's d***

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airwaves View Post
    Those 28 are amongst over 450 petitions submitted over the last 2 years alone

    Holy Shit now we know why tickets take so long people like this idiot
    I am speechless, I knew some people put in a few tickets but holy damn.

    In my 6 Years of WoW I have put in maybe 5 tickets.

    Also am impressed by the way Vrakthris handled that, he let everyone know what was up while still being respectful.

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    It was indeed a satisfying read. I hope the guy does in fact quit the game, as he's a great big whiner, frankly.

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    I agree completely people just constantly trash the GM's

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    Can only imagine how the GM's have worked this out "allright guys, we have a tough one here, send Vrakthris in" Badass music starts playing and... Sorry i got cought in the action.

    He dealt with it amazingly.
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