Thread: Raggy 10 man hc

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    Raggy 10 man hc

    Tonight my guild is goning for raggy 10 man heroic for the frist time, and my question is whats the best healing setup we are gonna run with a holy paladin and a priest (me) whats the best spec for me in that fight?. and why ?

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    Just recently we got our kill with Holy pally/disc priest. I think that is actually the best setup for 10man.

    I have a video but I'm unable to post the link till i make a few more posts, but if you search kaldemic on youtube its the latest video on my channel.

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    we run either a holy pally + disc (me) or a resto druid, both seem fine and perfectly viable

    make sure the groups are set up in a way that your PoH catches everyone and make sure the tanks stand close so your PoM can bounce between the 2

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