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    Toravon the Ice Watcher: Solo!

    Hello everyone, Sheya here.

    I did it. Yesterday I have finally killed Toravon the Ice Watcher alone, after I have wiped many times because of my own fails or of bad luck.

    Toravon the Ice Watcher
    He is harder as The Lich King, in my opinion. The problem as DK is: How to remove the DoT? With AMS? Yeah, but the duration of the DoT is 21 seconds and not seven. But the answer is simple: You have to run away from Toravon, but the DoT does also slow! But it works, it is hard, but it works... Any very important is that you have to use Swiftness Potion when you are ready to reset the DoT a third time. After that, you have to reset it a last time, but that isn't really hard.
    You have to time your cooldowns correctly, or you will die. You have to run away from the Boss at the right time, or the DoT will refresh.

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNg4ZT2oJbE
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    Really good job on the kill, I haven't found any other videos so far, so I knew it'd have been much harder than the other bosses, but after around 20 attempts at resetting the first 2 stacks, I maybe did it right 2-3 times max at the first reset and failed at the second.

    Does this require absolutely perfect timing (as in 0.5 sec too soon AMS = stacks refreshed = wipe)?

    Also, once you pull it off right, is it possible to farm this boss each week, or is it one of the bosses that you do only once?

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    Impressive! ;D

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    This is a really old kill video and the thread stayed dormant for a long time. It will stay open however, in case anyone wants to discuss the topic. Please do not comment on thread necromancy as it will be considered spam and dealt with.
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    I'd be impressed, then I saw it's yet another Blood DK.

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