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    not sure what to say

    what is a good gaming computer?

    hey so can anybody help me find a good gaming computer for MW2, Black Ops, and minecraft
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    You should probably read the stickies to give us a better idea what exactly you are looking for, a budget to work with, what you can reuse, etc.

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    i5 2500k
    8gb ram
    gtx560-580 or ati 6900 are pretty standard for a dedicated gaming build

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    i5 2500k w/ aftermarket Cooler or 955+ amd MOBO depending on socket but id go asus myself
    6gb of ram will power any game even BF3 at ultra but 16gb isnt expensive even if you go ripjaw or corsair veng
    Nvidia 460 radeon 6850 nvidia 570 and 580 aswell as Radeon 6970 are all topnotch
    PSU to support higher end cards id go no less than 600w and NAMEBRAND p.s. get a psu tester so u dont fry your components
    7200rpm or higher HDD or an SSD
    DVD R/W for os install or bluray budget dependant
    Case will good airflow cant go wrong w. Coolermaster but most case's with adequate cooling and cable management will work fine

    add 1 computer geek to OC your i5 to atleast 4.0ghz 4.5 if possible 5.0 if you can afford the cooling! however not all will make it to 5.0 but pretty much all will goto 4.5 still a risk factor so get a geek who knows what they are doing to do it.

    1920x1080 monitor or higher and WOOSH into la la land at most games running 60+ on full settings

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    Custom build by Marest

    moboMsi P67 without SLi/CF support – $89.99
    cpuIntel i5 2500K – $219.99
    ramCorsair XMS3 1600 MHz 2X4GB – $54.99
    gpuGigabyte Radeon 6970 – $349.99
    hdd1Samsung Spinpoint 1TB – $59.99
    ssdCrucial M4 60Gb – $109.99
    psuCorsair 80+ 500w – $59.99
    sinkCooler Master Hyper 212+ – $27.99
    caseFractal Design Define R3 – $109.99

    Final Price – $1082.91

    NOTE1: Prices for each product are estimates and might not be correct.
    NOTE2: Some parts (like for example the case) can be swapped out based on personal preference.
    I'd also recommend to check out Chaud's "Setup of the Month". They are very good starting points when looking at computer hardware. It's also advisable to give a budget.

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