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    Important Build Help Threads/Links

    Hi everyone!

    Please check the following posts before you ask for help. You may find some great advice, or even answers to your question before you make your post!

    Where to buy components / PC / Laptops - A list of websites that can come in handy when searching for the right store to deliver your goods.

    How to build a computer - Building a computer explained in detail. *Link is now dead, but leaving for archive purposes*

    Building Your First Computer in 9.75 steps - Self explanatory. Step-by-step how-to on how easy it is to assemble a computer

    Marest's Sample Builds - Builds designed around specific budget ranges *Note: Not up to date*

    Case Catalog - A visual preview of many cases that makes choosing a case easier. Primarily for visual representation, but also includes links to reviews.

    llDemonll's Comp-figurator: US/CA/EU/AU support - Constantly updates prices of some favorite computer parts, good for outlining and suggesting builds

    PC Part Picker - Helps you configure builds to help other users, even generates forum code for you.

    If there are any threads you would like added to this index, please request it through a forum moderator

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