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    Moddable weapons

    Any news about barrel / hilts being unlocked at any point in the near future?

    I really like the taris vibrosword. Its pretty much the *buster (breaker in terraria) blade from FF7.

    I am currently running 48 epic gem, 51 epic hilt, 58 epic mod, 58 epic enhancement.

    I can not get an upgrade for my hilt even if I were to get something like stalwart arm or the rataka tanking sword.

    Currently, short of getting a colmni or rataka weapon to strip the crystal for a few more stam, I am unable to improve my moddable further.

    This is extremely lame since we were told that moddables will be competitive.

    While I am aware of armor slots being unlocked in the next patch... I haven't heard anything about barrel / hilts.
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    I thought I heard hilt and barrels but I can't confirm with a source.
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    The most recent Dev Q&A stated that come 1.2, they are giving virtually every single crew skill a good boost for the end game, including modifications for all applicable slots, being able to crit-craft moddable gear to also have augment slots, etc.

    They specificed more on armor, specifically stating that you will be able to move set bonuses. Weapons don't have those, hence the lack of a focus there. But they do have 4 augment slots, so will be seeing equal love.

    It will be nice to see what they do, but stated there is like 4 PAGES worth of crew skill changes pending for 1.2.

    Here is the blog post, the crew skill answer is the 6th question in the list: http://www.swtor.com/blog/community-qa-feb-24th-2012
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