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    SWTOR forum rules


    Welcome to the Star Wars: The Old Republic forum! On this board, we gather to discuss SWTOR and everything related to it!

    Gamers come in many variations, so it is important that we are mindful of our behavior. The general forum rules are still in effect, but the following rules also apply to this forum:

    Stay on Topic
    This forum is only for the discussion of SWTOR. If you would like to discuss a different game, use the forum dedicated to it or the general Video Games forum. Threads not about SWTOR will be closed, and people who repeatedly post threads about other games will be infracted.

    Trolling is trolling, and we don't like it. Keep in mind that some people do not possess the same hand/eye coordination as you, or have the time to pursue a certain genre to a professional level. Snobby elitism is generally frowned upon, and direct assaults because someone isn't "as good as you" will win you a vacation.

    Referral Links Are Not Allowed
    Referral links are not permitted on MMO-Champion. They never have been. They will be infracted. This is your warning.

    A referral link is a link (usually contest related or similar) where you gain a benefit for someone clicking the link. It usually includes a long identifier in the link, such as http://www.somecontest.com/?id=887161h1hcf999817.

    Game Bashing
    It may seem strange, but many people like more than one game. If you want to compare to other games, you need to be constructive. Just bashing other games, including just coming into this forum to bash TOR, because you think it looks dumb, or not as cool as your game will gain you infractions.

    New to the game?
    Check out the first page of this thread: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...arious-sources to find most of the known info so far.

    Using large images can create horizontal scrolling and cause slow page loading for those on slower connections (not everyone has the largest of internet pipes). Please keep your images to an 800 pixel wide at maximum, and keep them as small in filesize as possible. imgur.com is a good site to create thumbnails. Their "large thumbnail" is 640px wide.

    Additional rules may be up soon.
    Thank you for your patience.

    SWTOR Signatures

    The sigs are available to be made here: http://www.enjin.com/swtor-signature-generator

    Then you need to modify it. It is too large by default, and will earn you an infraction!

    Have Photoshop? Go here to see how it's done: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...1#post11950151

    Want to use an easy free editing program? Use GIMP. Directions are here: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...1#post11951040

    Then upload it to the internet and use it for your sig.

    *Remember, words above or below your sig pic DO count towards total sig size. If you want words, you'll need to make the image smaller to compensate.

    The rules are:
    •Maximum amount of images, quotes and text in your signature: As much as you can fit within the other rules.
    •Maximum signature width: 500px total. If you have a 250px image and a 300px image side by side, that would be violating this rule.
    •Maximum signature height: 100px total. If you have a 75px image and a 50px image one below the other, that would be violating this rule.
    •Maximum signature filesize: 50kB total. If you have multiple images then the filesize is added between them. Smilies also count.
    •Maximum avatar filesize: 10kB. A helpful guide on how to shrink your avatars may be found here
    Restricted file types in signature/avatar: None. You can have it animated if you must, but be sure that it meets the other rules (More importantly filesize).

    Avatars and signatures are subject to the same rules as posts and threads. They should not shock, offend or in any other way break our rules.



    This is very serious. Please do not post about story spoilers in any thread that is not originally created for, and clearly marked as a spoiler thread.

    If you are making a spoiler thread, label it very obviously.

    **SPOILER** Jedi story [spoiler thread]

    As a side note, the OMG spoiler tags are now working. [spoiler] [ /spoiler]
    BUT, even with tags, we don't want spoilers posted in threads that are not designated spoiler threads.

    Your posts will be deleted and you may be infracted for this.

    Thank you.
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    Rules update:

    1) Do not use inflammatory terms. Do not refer to other posters as fanboys of either SWTOR or WoW. Do not refer to other users as whiteknights. Do not call other users retards or other common flaming terms.

    2) Post constructively. Constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged. If you dislike something about Bioware, EA, or the game you are welcome to state so constructively in the appropriate threads. There is a zero tolerance policy for non-constructive trolling posts like "WoW in space," "People play this game, " etc. Your opinions about how the game could be improved are wanted. Your opinion about how this game can die in a fire or is terrible is not.

    3) If you are requested to stay out of the forum, please take it seriously and don't participate here. There are a number of users who only participate in this forum, several other forums have the same issue, to troll the game. If you do not play the game, have no intention of playing the game, and have never tried the game, do not make posts about how much you don't like it and think it is a bad game. If you are only in this subsection to attach the game then please stay out.

    4) Do not create multiple threads on the same topic, especially when there are already multiple threads on the first page. Use the search function before creating a new thread.

    5) DO NOT troll WoW, Rift, or any other game in this section. Yes, some users who prefer those games will come here and start threads or make stupid posts. It is going to happen. Be respectful though and do not fan the flames by making trolling posts about WoW. You aren't welcome to troll WoW in other sections. You aren't allowed to here either.

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    Rule Update:
    1) Please do not create "I quit" threads. The "I quit" thread is very similar to the "Should I purchase?" threads. We're sorry that the game was not for you but if everyone made a thread to tell us why they left our first page would just be peoples accounts of why they left, it hardly breeds positive discussion about the game. It is OK to talk about the negative aspects of the game but do so in the multiple threads already devoted to those specific discussions, which there is plenty of.

    2) Please do not create "Should I purchase" threads. We don't know what your game preference is. What we do have though is a guide full of videos and discussion regarding the game. Familiarize yourself with it and by the end it of it you should be able to formulate your own opinion regarding the game and make the decision for yourself. With over 2 million copies sold if everyone created a thread because of indecision our forum could crash.

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