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    The Official 'Post What Ya Built' Thread

    The title explains it pretty well, I think, but let's use this thread to consolidate the 'should what you built' threads into one before they start popping up all over the place.

    Basically, post pictures of things you've built. It doesn't matter if you used a mod or Creative mode to build them, or farmed and built it all by hand, show us the things you've built. I'll start off with a little house I built a few months ago on one of my Survival maps just as a place to relax. Sure, I could have built a small box with a bed and a torch, but I like things to look nice. Done by hand, which isn't saying much.

    Front Shot

    The Gardens

    Interior Shots

    The Outhouse, just for fun

    Now show us yours!

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    Dupe of thread found here.

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