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    Whirlwind Barb!!dac!bbbZbZ

    We need nothing else! (D2, I miss you!)

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    Random monk using staff (or Daibo as they're officially called). I don't know what I'm doing.!ZYc!abaZbb
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    Frozen apocalypse build

    twisters comets and blizzards a huge arcane power eater so went with a few arcane power generators
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    This is what I came up with. Not sure how good or bad it'll be until I can test it out. This is based on being level 60 though.!YUZ!YabYca

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    It's very hard to decide the runes, but I decided to go for max AoE power, along with a focus on what I'm assuming will be two awesome cooldowns, Archon and Slow Time.

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    My Monk Build

    This build I just build on the fly. It seems like the type of build I will be using. It will focus on buffing damage in party while also dealing massive aoe damage to surrounding enemies.

    Mantra of Conviction (Crimson) - This speaks for itself almost, increasing damage taken on enemies close to me by 55%. Especially good in parties and on bosses.

    Crippling Wave (Alabaster) - This will be my main Spirit Generator (Combo 1 & 2) and will increase the damage taken by enemies even further and deal frontal cone AoE.

    Sweeping Strike (Indigo) - At first I was thinking of picking Obsidian, but it was pointed out that it would be to many hits to get the Cyclones started in the first place so it's not worth it in the long run, we'll see how long fights lasts in Inferno later on. Also this will be my Combo 3 skill to get the stacking AoE buff.

    Dashing Strike (Obsidian) - Both defensive and offensive ability. My main transportation ability during combat. Was thinking of taking the Alabaster first, but then the cooldown on my other Spirit Spender is to big to worry about spending 10 Spirit per Dashing so went with 30% dodge.

    Seven Sided Strike (Crimson) - Main Spirit Spender attack. Thinking about if this ability is quick enough so I can keep my Sweeping Strike AoE buff up inbetween and be refreshed when I start using the Combo skills again.

    Inner Sanctuary (Golden) - My main "oh shit!" button to gain rapid healing.

    The Guardian's Path - Offensive when using staves and Defensive when using fists.

    Seize the Initiative - Defensive since I am thinking about being in the middle of it during combat.

    Sixth Sense - Defensive to reduce damage I take even more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Northy View Post
    can you tell me how does this build help in pvp? tyvm.

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    WD All In The Family spec:!XUV!aZaabZ

    WD PvP spec:!fbX!cacbba
    Toad of Hugeness is ONLY if it can swallow players too

    and my Destroyer of Worlds spec:!Ydb!ZbZaZZ

    But ONLY if Sacrifice applies to the "when you're zombie dogs die" and the rune that gives it a chance to drop health globes. As weird as it is, it goes as such:
    -Slam Dance 25% dmg increase
    -Pierce the Veil 20% dmg increase
    -Sacrifice 25% dmg increase per dog
    -Soul Harvest gives +attack per enemy hit
    -Health Globes give 10% attack increase for 10 sec up to 5 stacks
    -Mass Confusion makes all enemies in the area take 50% more damage

    ^ This REALLY only works if you're in a party and you're "main damage" so to speak. If not, the witch doc is better for support anyways.

    There's alot more I'd like to try with WD, too. Barb is next! :O
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    Beyond the 1% barrier.
    this is my Tanky type monk build:!ZUX!aYYcZZ

    hehe Okay updated my Tanking monk build, it's now my 'lol you can't hit me' build capable of sustaining 73.5% dodge, going up to 103.5% for the first three seconds of Mantra of Evasion this is assuming a base dodge of 0%, and assuming that defense has nothing to do with dodge, so it might be possible to push it higher.
    Fists of Thunder with an Alabastor Runestone: 12.5% dodge unknown duration.
    Dashing Strike with an Obsidian Runestone: 21% dodge for 9 seconds after using the skill, it has 10 cost and no CD
    Guardians Path: 10% dodge whenever I Dual Wield
    Mantra of Evasion: 30% at all times, 60% for the first 3 seconds after cast, no cost, 30sec CD.
    so that's 10+12.5+21+30= 73.5% dodge at ALL times, with Mantra of evasion pumping that above 100% every 30 seconds.

    then add in a Crimson Runestone for Mantra of evasion.. and every time I dodge, I do 90% weapon damage as fire to all nearby enemies
    there's no way in hell this is making it live.....

    my loldps frenzy barb build:!abf!ZZYaZb
    probably dual wield, but not sure yet, depends in skills hit with both weapons while DWing or not ;p Cleave for AoE rage gen, Frenzy for Single Target. Keep Battlerage up 100% and spam Whirlwind the rest of the time summon Ancient on CD.
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    Two demon hunter builds!cVY!YYYbZa

    A choke point demon hunter build for bridge like areas, impale with overpenetration for going down the line and hitting everything in its path, bola shots for the strong enemies and clusters, spike traps as a fallback (and hatred generation), caltrops to keep em away, marked for death for obvious reasons, and a sentry to heal you so you don't need health globes.!beg!ccccab

    The Moar rockets build. Glass cannon that can regenerate with shadow power.
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    You trade all skills what actually do damage for selfdefence, Sanctuary is scary, but not that scary i think. May be you should add Explosion Blast?

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    None of your business.

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    Extrem single target burst. Strong DMG buff with Frenzy, Bash, Battle rage. Getting Crit Bonus with Revenge and overpower.

    Weapon Throw should do at about 700% weapon Damage and cost no Fury when killing a mob.!bVa!ZZYZaZ

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    I wonder if people have come up with new builds XD

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    Just an idea I had, but pretty interesting I might say. The more I thought about it, the more I liked it.

    Spirit Doctor, a spirit realm only WD!UeV!acacYb

    #1 Haunt with alabaster, for fast AoE dmg
    #2 Horrify with obsidian, more free time for #1
    #3 Spirit Walk with alabaster, run away button with some bonus heal
    #4 Soul Harvest with obsidian, some crowd control I can time because the buff lasts longer than the cooldown
    #5 Spirit Barrage with crimson, single target DPS with some bonus heal
    #6 Mass Confusion with golden, only 28 seconds cooldown yay!

    #1 Rush of Essence - I should be never out of mana
    #2 Pierce the Veil - more damage, yes please, I have the mana because of #1 (don't know if the 30% increased mana costs affect the 200% refund of #1)
    #3 Spirit Vessel - cooldown reduce for 3 spells, so I can roll my head over the keyboard faster, plus an automated oh-shit effect

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaak View Post
    Extrem single target burst. Strong DMG buff with Frenzy, Bash, Battle rage. Getting Crit Bonus with Revenge and overpower.

    Weapon Throw should do at about 700% weapon Damage and cost no Fury when killing a mob.!bVa!ZZYZaZ
    Every 4 seconds, you need to use Frenzy.

    Every 5 seconds, you need to use Bash.

    Every 10 seconds, you need to use Revenge.

    Every 4.5 seconds, you need to use Overpower.

    And every 30 seconds, you need to use Battle Rage.

    So ideally, when all buffs are active, your Weapon Throw will do a ton of damage, but how often do you imagine that happening? Even if you do, the number of time you are free to toss Weapon Throw is eclipsed by having to refresh all the buffs.
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    I call this one "Lightning Rod" (Wizard):!bcU!aYYYYb

    Focuses on having the highest possible uptime of Archon possible, while dishing out tons of Lightning damage.

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