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    I think it's a good thing to extend the development time and release the game later. Don't release things that are not ready yet. Most gamedevelopers doesn't understand that. Mostly those games are bad and just a try to gain quick money. Blizzard understand they need to finish their work first before release and that's why Blizzard releases quality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simca View Post
    (And Warcraft 2 was probably the worst balanced Blizzard game. Nerf Ogres and Bloodlust.)
    What do you mean, imbalanced? I never had any problems with balance when playing Warcraft 2. Orc-players were just plain better than those pesky humans ;D

    I think they don't want to rush anything on this. Players have been waiting for years on this, and they expect something very very great now, so they can better hold it off for another couple of months instead of releasing something that doesn't make you "wow" when you play it.

    I don't mind all that much though, gives me more time to save up money for a new PC to play it on ;D

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    Quote Originally Posted by anotherdeadhero View Post
    I'll be sad if they delayed D3 to add a single player mode or pause button.
    I'd be pretty happy, actually. No need for a stable internet connection? I can pause whenever someone rings the doorbell, or I feel like looking something up, or whatever? Sounds like a Diablo 3 that's much more convenient to play.

    In any case, a smile actually spread across my face when I heard about the delay. Classic Blizzard.

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    I'd rather wait a couple extra months for a good game than wait a couple of extra months for a patch that fixes everything that should have been in the release. (Assuming I get into the EU beta, arrrgh, the agony) That said though, I'm already dying to get my filthy paws on it.

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    Bad for me, good for the game. Since I suppose it wasnt fully ready yet.

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    I prefer to get the perfect game im used to getting from blizzard, even if it involves waiting a few extra month.
    Besides, this will give me time to actually study for my first semester exams instead of failing them outright :P

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    The developers know better I guess. I want to believe it's for good. I'd prefer to get a nice polished game to have fun than something poorly designed and working. So, we have no options but to wait =)
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    Can't say I didn't expect it. Gives me more time to play Skyrim and Torchlight 2 before D3 comes out :P

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    I would like the game to be done before i buy it, but the waiting time have been extreme so far..

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    Personally I'll gladly wait for a better game than to have it pushed out filled with bugs and balance issues

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    Bad because I want it now. Good because it'll be better when it comes out.

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    Probably good. 4.3 will take large amount of time.

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    Delaying it for making it better? Sounds good.
    Why worry about the future when you can just asfatatotl.

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    Bad cuz I wanna play it. Good because they have longer to test it to make sure it's perfect.

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    Got my faith on Blizzard, they know what they're doing. Sure, it's a bit disappointing that they didn't managed a 2011 release but I rather want a polished game than a rushed one.

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    I think it's bad...the excuse that the game is not done yet is also a no go for would still be in development if it had to be released done, there are always things that are not finished or buggy or not the way they are supposed to be...I would rather have the game now than in 5 month, because even if it was released in 2013 there would still be stuff that was not "done". Not playing d3<d3 not perfect but playable.
    just my thoughts...

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    Good thing I think. It's coming out in the near future. I can wait a little longer if they want to polish it up a bit more.

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    I would rather have a polished un-buggy game in 2012 than a 2011 buggy release personally.

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    IMO if Blizzard released that they are delaying the release on purpose, it makes me think that the game really is not ready for a 2011 release. As much of a bummer it is I rather they keep working on it and get the bugs worked out

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    Frankly, I'd much rather have a finished product that works opposed to one that was rushed out that'll need a ton of hotfixes/patches to limit my game time because they didn't get it right the first time.

    I'm a little disappointed, but I"m sure all of that will go away once I can get my hands on a copy.

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