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    Not ingame pics but very very minecraft.

    Still working on other blocks. I will post those when I finish them.

    Edit: sorry I cannot post actual links yet.

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    They are pretty awesome ^_^.

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    It's been a while since i've posted a video on here but this is my current work in progress!

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    nice creations in here I might post some of mine later!

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    Some of my creations on a vanilla survival server:

    For more see my youtube-channel:

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    Alright! It's been over a month now since I've begun a YouTube series based on a modded Minecraft let's play. I've been hesitant to advertise it here since I'm a mod and didn't want to seem like I was just promoting my own stuff, but I've got a lot of people coming in who aren't regular members congratulating me on my series and mod list so I thought i would make an official post.

    Yes I have a Minecraft Youtube series!

    It's currently in it's 2nd season. Playing Minecraft 1.4.5 with all the most up-to-date mods. The full list of mods can be seen in the very popular thread.

    I don't want to bore people who dont care with daily video posts and such. That would be against the rules anyways. I just invite people to come give it a watch and let me know what you think. Keep in mind I've only been doing this for just over a month or so, so my learning curve is apparent.

    Anyways... on with the show. My channel is:

    Here's the beginning of season 2:

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    Exterior of my newest place, still a long way to go. Click for bigger.
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    I've made a bunch of terrain using worldedit!

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    Spent the last week and a half building Orthanc. This is unmodded MP Minecraft, mind you... no jetpacks or mass block creation shenanigans here.
    Clicky to enbiggen.

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    Vanilla survival server creations tour.

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    Some extremely talented builders on these forums. some of this stuff makes my brain melt! Once i can post pictures i hope to add a few of my own!

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    Hello there! i've got some nice things on my youtube channel to an example an great rollercoaster with kinda alot of happy watchers and a ground zero tribute, sadly i mad this account today so i cant post the link :/ BUT just look for Joyingoldshire on youtube and you will absolutely find it! take care// Joyingoldshire

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    I really should go back and finish it, that's about a month old now :\
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    You are a legend thats why.

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    Was doing this halfway in creative, but the amount of work was too much and it would have taken almost a year to complete so i had resulted to using MCedit.

    Towards the docks(city center):

    Opposite direction of the first photo, towards the castle(city center):

    Noble grounds and castle path: (noble park/grounds)

    Castle grounds, couldn't load the whole thing even with far(about 250-300 by 250 blocks):

    The docks:

    Underground market:

    Facing the city center and castle: (Docks)

    Map comparison: (facing city on top of citadel wall) (rough size)

    Still a work in progress and so much more to do. There is also going to be an underground city which would be very very huge, it would hold about the sea's volume's worth of water. This can't be done in creative given less than a year and even on edit this build is just so intensive!

    Image i am going for(not exact replica):
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    This build has taken absolutely ages! Built by two of us, the city has been completely decorated inside and out!
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    A huge church on our private vanilla survival minecraft server

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    Something I'm working on

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    these are all very impressive. My son is going to have his mind blown!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dextersworld View Post
    A huge church on our private vanilla survival minecraft server
    Wow, absolutely amazing

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    I love some of these elaborate structures

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