I have a combined, very-large modpack. It has been pre-configured and able to run on a Windows 7 system. Able to log into the world, do a few mod related things, save world, without any issues.

These issues only seem to be occurring on the Windows 8 system.
I'm able to move the exact same folder, but to a Windows 7 system, and it will run.
I even moved it to my main desktop, which is Windows 10, and it ran on first attempt.

But when trying to load it on a Windows 8 system, when copying the entire folder, mods, and files, it will not run, giving a wide assortment of errors like.

"The State Engine was in incorrect state ERRORED and forced into state SERVER_STOPPED. Errors may have been discarted."
"Required Depedency <name> has errored"
"FTBInstaller.Bat" is not recognized."
"Attempting connection with missing mods"
"Unexpected Packet During Modded Negotiation."
"Settings.bat is not recognized."

Some are easily explained, other to me are not. But WHY the "Missing" mods dependency errors are occurring, makes zero sense to me, because they are there, and when moved to other locations, it works?

Don't think it is a networking issue; I'm able to load Default Minecraft server without an issue on all the system. But something with my Windows 8 system just prevent it from running modded Minecraft?

Anyone got any ideas? :S
Trying to avoid updating this Windows 8 system to 10 since the Drivers for it are not yet fully support.