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    They way lore works, if it hasn't been stated yet it does not exist. There is no "possibility," there is what has been written and what has not been written. You can speculate all day about whether or not Harry Potter was a Deist, but you're only going to waste your time. It was never written that way, so it isn't true.

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    This is a Blizzard game, behold undead Onyx..ehm Diablo !

    Also: chaos sanctuary was just a mere setback.

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    Yes Diablo was killed at the end of D2.... but when Diablo dies does he not go back to hell?

    and with the shattering of the world stone all those bad things from hell can enter the world with ease, and I would think Diablo is one of them.

    Soulstones were created to imprison the prime evils and the only reason we wanted to destroy them and the reason the prime evils broke out was because the stones were corrupted and would be an easy way for the demons to enter sanctuary.

    This is just my opinion no facts

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    i feel that diablo baal and mephisto might be demons but also incarnations of various emotions and feelings.

    the subjects they create may be temporal like sons/daughters but they themselves might be aspects of emotion and evil that would need to be banished in a way not shown. they may have been destroyed or disperesed but there is enough of whatever powers themfor them to pull themselves back together
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    I don't know if the Big Bad D is coming back, but I blame Sam and Dean for breaking the seals...


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    Quote Originally Posted by AlamarAtMMOC View Post
    I don't know if the Big Bad D is coming back, but I blame Sam and Dean for breaking the seals...

    You, sir, are my favorite. Supernatural ftw.

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