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    Diablo 3 Forum Rules

    Welcome to the Diablo III forum! On this board, we gather to discuss Diablo and everything related to it!

    Gamers come in many variations, so it is important that we are mindful of our behavior. The general forum rules are still in effect, but the following rules also apply to this forum:

    Stay on Topic
    This forum is only for the discussion of Diablo. If you would like to discuss a different game, use the forum dedicated to it or the general Video Games forum. Threads not about Diablo will be closed, and posters who repeatedly post threads about other games will be infracted.

    Trolling is trolling, and we don't like it. Keep in mind that some people do not possess the same hand/eye coordination as you, or have the time to pursue a certain genre to a professional level. Snobby elitism is generally frowned upon, and direct assaults because someone isn't "as good as you" will win you a vacation.

    Referral Links Are Not Allowed
    Referral links are not permitted on MMO-Champion. They never have been. They will be infracted. This is your warning.

    A referral link is a link (usually contest related or similar) where you gain a benefit for someone clicking the link. It usually includes a long identifier in the link, such as http://www.somecontest.com/?id=887161h1hcf999817.

    Use the Stickies
    If you have a D3 Video, Stream, need/want to give a Guest Pass, or want to play with other MMO-C players, please use their correct threads. All threads about any of these will be closed and redirected to the right sticky.

    Buying and Selling items or services is not allowed on our forums
    Please use our sister site Diablo Fans and refer to their Trading Forums.
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