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    Arkham, Miscatonic University
    EU Nordic & East
    highest quality referral link!
    To life, to life I'll bring them,
    I'll bring all these dead men to life!

    To life, to life I bring them,
    With one small injection, LIKE THIS!

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    EU West Referral! Happy to help anyone new with some tips and some practice games! Nearly at my 50 reffs now would like to reach that at least!

    Played HoN before so anyone who is adjusting having switched let me know

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    I feel like we should set up a system instead of just all posting them here. Nonetheless CLICK MINE.

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    Nov 2010
    Sign up if ya wanna try! need 1 atleast!, Add me if anyone wants to play, Add Wraklol, i play US.

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  7. #27 - US servers Referral Link; I need 8 more for my free Champ. =O I'll love you if you click it!

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    Thanks for allowing this.
    Here is my link for US:

    Any referrals get the privilege of being my new friend. ^_^

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    newest latest and greatest referal link:

    its for EU-WEST

    go on click it! you know u want to get carried to some easy wins :P
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    This is for US.

    I'm at about 35 referrals, all of which were by me, if anyone is new and wants to help me out, I'm sure I can play some games with you


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    US link:

    Any assistance would be much appreciated and to any of you that would like to a friend invite please feel free to PM me with your summoner name and I'll be more then happy to add you.

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    Linky, linky!

    (Europe west server!)
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    Here is mine

    If you sign up through me, goes without saying, i'll play a few games to help out on your way to lvl 5.

    Signature by Tacy :]

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    There's mine. Im on EU West.

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    eu west, quite new myself so always happy to play with you, pref on dominion!

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    EU east, Click it, PM me your ingame nick and i will carry you a few games
    Here comes the pain bitch

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    I'm blind... oh no.. I just don't look at sticky topics xD

    Anyway .. if you want to "give" me Malzahar .. click here :

    If you want to choose my reflink I will be happy .. if not - no , I won't be sad

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    Stood in the Fire
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    Jan 2011
    Somewhere, not sure yet, but ill get back to you.
    I need talon :3
    Is EUW.

    And of course, like everyone else ill carry you ^^

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    Pandaren Monk
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    Stoke, England

    Awesome signature by JustintimeSS

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