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    Nice idea to post here

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    Hey there, I've been doing my best to recruit people I know that don't actually play the game and I've managed to get 5 referees 4 of which being level 5+ and 1 hitting level 10.

    I really want to reach the last milestone but merely reaching 10 or 25 would be brilliant. I play on EUW and here's my link, not sure referrals are region-bound

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    Where it always rains...

    D: So close to my new champ. Help me out?

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    Sup guys, if you read this and want to start playing LoL on NA servers, go on their site and enter my summoner Name when signing up. My summoner name is Razørr. Sorry can't post my referral link yet cause i haven't post enough on these forums.

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    if someone woud be so kind and help me get some ip
    every person helps

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    here please

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    how many post before i can post a referral code?

    ---------- Post added 2013-02-09 at 07:18 AM ----------

    Please help me out.


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    http: //

    Help me out

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    http: //signup. ?ref= 50fc5153133f4606785026

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    http: //

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    Thanks for anyone who registers through my referral!

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    Dont have single person on Refer a Friend yet but well i started playing 1,5 week ago would be nice if it changed and thanks to anyone who will use it Nordric and East btw.

    PS: Lysah the main post make you look really cute! keep it up and be happy panda
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    I play NA servers, Haidian. Feel free to add me.
    Badonkamonk, Raid Leader for <the password is mattress> on Korgath (US) -- We are recruiting, contact me at Haidian#1613.

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    I play EU, my names slayallday feel free to add me and have a game

    Thanks guys help me out!

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    EU Nordic & East. Cannot aford to pay for the skins myself, would like to get one some day Help me if you can, would appreciate it!

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    any EU players that want to play sign up here

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