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  • Endermen

    50 24.04%
  • Creeper

    147 70.67%
  • Other

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    Creepers and Endermen are both pieces of shit compared to THESE things!
    They are millions, they can climb walls, they are the Poison Headcrabs of Minecraft. So many things I lost exploring mine shafts, so many moments of fear, and I not even Arachnophobe.

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    That moment of pride when you place the last block onto your small house, then all of a sudden "SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" *BOOM* and your nice little house is gone. I'm voting for creepers.
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    I hate them both. Creepers blow up my house while Endermen rip them to shreds when I'm hiding from creepers. They are the perfect tag team.

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    Endermen never function properly, at least on the multiplayer server that I'm on (dunno if it's a multiplayer issue or not, I don't really play singleplayer). I'll look right at them and they'll do absolutely nothing. So disappointing. So creepers are still king for me.

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    A creeper blew up my house right after I was done, it made me alt+f4 and take a shower to cool off. I hate those blasted green dildos.
    I saw an Enderman on my first night after 1.8 and got a huge shock, but since they're pretty easy to avoid contact with and you can dance around them without them going nuts, I'm still voting for creepers. Endermen look scarier, but creepers are just so much more annoying
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    creeper..... they always apear out of nothing, when you dont expect them (or you hear that SSSSsssss and dont know where it come from)

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    Creeper is much more threatening. It's silent and will attack you with your back turned. You need to look at an enderman before it even aknowledges you!

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    enderman are just annoying. The one thing I am afraid of is creepers. when i hear the tall tall 'Tsssssssss'. My ass clenches because I know I'm about to be raped.
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    Personally I find creepers only able to make jump when they sneak up on me, endermen are meh in open areas like creepers. However endermen is closed areas really scare me and like someone previously said, with no armour when you look into one your just ._.

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    I've have never been killed by an enderman before, they are way to easy to kill.

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    Pandaren Monk Intropid's Avatar
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    Creepers are scary.
    Although whenever an Endermen is running at you, its the scariest thing in the world.

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    Creeper, Endermen are easier to kill and are neutral unless you stare at them.
    Plus creepers do more damage to the environment.

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    Endermen. Those guys scare the hell out of me. Creepers are adorable, I want to cuddle with all of them!

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    Endermen are easy. Just don't look directly at them and they are harmless. Creepers will fucking chase you halfway across the map to blow you and/or your house up.

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    I am Murloc!
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    Endermen look scary, but really quite easy to handle. They also don't hang around in sunlight. I've found that I travel most often during the day for safety reasons, but there is always that one creeper that sneaks up on me and scares the crap out of me.

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    Creepers gets my vote endermen havent realy been spawning close to me at all so they havent been a threat at all and they are realy easy to kill.

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    Creepers. Enderman may look scary, but creepers CAN sneak up on you.

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    voted endermen - block stealing evilness

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    Creepers scare me because they can come out of freaking nowhere and kill you, endermen are a pest but nonetheless difficult to kill. I put them on the same threat level as a creeper that I can see. (it's the ones you DON'T see that you should be worried about!)

    typical endermen scenario

    I wander through the happy fun minecraft forest, suddenly seeing several torn apart trees and other unusual phenomena. I know endermen have been here, and become on my guard. I make sure my bow and sword are ready and prepare for a fight. WHY ISN'T MY FREAKING ENTER KEY WORKING. inc run-on paragraphs. Or, if it's at night or otherwise incredibly poorly lit and I see those eyes in the distance, I'm generally pretty unnerved, and it's almost always me focusing all my attention on carefully killing them that gets me crept up upon by a creepy creeper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntardicus View Post
    That moment of pride when you place the last block onto your small house, then all of a sudden "SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" *BOOM* and your nice little house is gone. I'm voting for creepers.
    Thats why you build your house from the inside. Or you make a badass Lava moat!

    And Endermen die during the day, and if they touch water they start dying aswell. They are easy to kill.

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