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    Cool Favorite skin?

    So, what is your favorite champion skin?

    I really like
    - Gentleman Cho'gath
    - Reverse Annie
    - Candy Cane Miss Fortune

    Shoot! :3

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    My favourite skins that I own would be Gentleman Cho'Gath and Nurse Akali, but I just love Pre-void Kassadin, it's a shame I don't play him that much

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    I'll start off with my "main";
    - pre-void Kassadin
    but i also like:
    - victorious Jarvan
    - king Tryndamere (if only he was sized better)
    yes, i play a pally in wow xD

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    Buccaneer Tristana . . . so cool

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    Minuteman Gangplank currently, although I'm quite partial to Demonblade Tryndamere

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    Facebook Tristana

    What? COME AT ME

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    Crimson Elite Talon, because tron.

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    In order of ownership and awesomeness:
    Galactic Nasus,
    Galactic Renekton,
    Firefang Warwick
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    Even though i don't play him, the first and best skin IMO is the Ionia Master Yi skin

    Other than that, I'm quite partial to Northern Front Swain, as he's my favourite champion, so I'm slightly biased

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    Space Teemo is awesome.
    Also Riot Singed & Gragas E.q

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    Blood Moon Akali, I <3 it so much.
    Dragon Slayer Vayne.
    Leona default skin.
    Nunu Bot is also awesome even if I don't play this hero.

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    Is there really any question? Corporate Mundo.

    MUNDO FILE. *Throws briefcase*

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    Hmmm for me? Its gotta be Muse Sona... Penta kill is kinda awesome... But too darkish.. I cant wait for a Legendary skin for a Support champ i like..

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    Darkforge Jarvan. The picture atleast, ingame he looks crap.

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    Imo the best ones are:1)santa gragas ,2)pentakill yorick 3)sailorman ganplank
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    gentleman cho'gath or the firework kog'maw skins are amazing so are pretty much all of WW's skins

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    Gentleman Cho'gath
    Rugged Garen
    Kitty Cat Katarina
    Demonblade Tryndamere

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tirinn View Post
    Cottentail Teemo easily
    I agree 100%
    Astronaut Teemo coming in right behind it.

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    Dragonslayer & Aristocrat Vayne are pretty cool. Hard to pick, there are many cool skins.

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